School of Engineering

PhD Students

Current PhD Students

An integral part of our team, our postgraduate students work on projects that cover the full range of our research.

Sven Berendsen
Modelling the water cycle for a 'Digital Twin' for Newcastle

Dominic Carver
Impact of removing a small impounding weir

Miles Clement
Flood extent and volume from radar

Fulvio Domenico Lopane
Optimising the management of flood emergencies

Luis Felipe Duque
Hydrological response of catchments at a local scale

Tessa Gough
The role of Citizen Science Big Data for flood management

Amy C Green
Use of available observations for estimating the rainfall field

Daryl Hughes
Frameworks for dam removal initiatives

Christos Iliadis
Analysing precipitation extremes in a changing climate

Shannon Leakey
Improving the understanding of leaky barriers

Laura McGinty
Aspects of Green Infrastructure investment

Farzana Ahmed Mohuya
Contribution of Citizen Science to flood risk management

Alem Oyarmoi
Hydrological regulation in papyrus-based wetland systems

Trevor Pearman
Geospatial data representation for modelling and monitoring

Xanthe Polaine
Applying game theory to water resource management

Roberto Villalobos Herrera
Events-based approach for representation of rainfall events

Alethea Walker
Role of Green Infrastructure in mitigating urban flood risk

Anna Whitford
Using sub-daily extreme rainfall events for prediction