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UKRIC: UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities

Creating world-class national infrastructure research capability

Urban Water Infrastructure Facility

The Urban Water Hub at Newcastle is a dedicated experimental facility. It's situated within a 12,370m² Urban Sciences Building on the 10Ha Science Central regeneration site in the heart of Newcastle. The building houses urban transport, urban energy and urban ICT infrastructure research facilities, as well as the Newcastle Urban Observatory. The site provides experimental facilities based on:

Integrated Urban Infrastructure Labs

UKCRIC are establishing a network of interlinked urban infrastructure ‘observatories’ at sites across the UK. These observatories will provide digital capture, mapping, sensing, monitoring, and testing of real urban infrastructure systems over the long term.

Our key objective is to capture the complex interrelations and interactions of real systems with the environment, people and society. Our research is enabled by close collaboration with local government and industrial partners.