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Blue-Green Cities and Resilient Infrastructure

Blue-Green Cities and Resilient Infrastructure.

Ensuring our cities are liveable, resilient and sustainable.

Cities concentrate people and business, but they rely on water, goods and other services provided by infrastructure networks within, and extending far beyond city limits.

Climate change is increasing the frequency of extreme and disruptive events such as flooding, windstorms, heatwaves and droughts. Population growth is increasing demand for water resources (and associated energy use) for drinking, food and other uses. Yet the very process of urbanisation modifies natural landscapes, increasing pollution, raising local air temperature, and altering hydrological processes.

In this theme, our major research focus involves ensuring our cities and infrastructure:

  • are liveable and economically-productive places
  • are resilient to climate extremes
  • minimise their emissions of greenhouse gases
  • use resources sustainably

We challenge the status quo, and help planners, policy-makers, utility owners and communities to envision:

  • blue-green cities that work with water
  • innovative but cost effective ways of delivering infrastructure services
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