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Research Highlights

Research Highlights

Research within the Emerging Technologies and Materials (ETM) group covers a range of activities from fundamental science through to the manufacture of devices.

Some current project highlights are outlined below.

Alien Contacts

Atomic Layer Interface Engineering for Nanoelectronics (ALIEN). This research project with Cambridge University investigates the intriguing prospect of using nm scale insulators to improve electrical conductivity at metal semiconductor junctions.

People: Anthony O'Neill

eFutures - funds available to support UK academics in electronics

eFutures awarded £600k to help establish new cross-disciplinary research projects and collaborations.

People: Anthony O'Neill

Graphene Transistors grown by local solid-phase epitaxy

ETM researchers awarded funding to study graphene transistors with the ultimate aim of making an important contribution to the development of high-speed, low energy consumption electronics.

People: Konstantin Vasilevskiy, Anthony O'Neill, Nick Wright

Technology in the extreme

Radio transmitters that can withstand temperatures of up to 900°C could soon be dropped into the depths of the earth to provide early warning of a volcanic eruption.

People: Alton Horsfall

Ferroelectrics for nanoelectronics

Integration of ferroelectric films using ALD and sputter for applications in integrated circuits, including reduced subthreshold slope in MOSFETs and integrated capacitors, funded by EPSRC and industry.

People: Patrick Briddon, Anthony O'Neill

A quantum jump in the speed of ab initio calculations

A novel method has been developed for enabling highly accurate quantum mechanical modelling to be performed on systems containing thousands of atoms. This represents an increase of an order of magnitude in system size, and will enable nanostructures of increased size and complexity to be modelled using a state of the art approach previously limited to smaller systems.

People: Patrick Briddon