School of Engineering

Sensors Research

Sensors Research


This theme advances fundamental knowledge in new technologies for sensors, arrays and networks, and development of sensor systems across a broad range of applications.

Our research work includes the design and development of multimodal active and passive sensing devices, electromagnetic sensors and imaging systems for:

  • non-destructive testing and evaluation for material characterisation, structural integrity, defect (crack, fatigue, corrosion, delamination) detection and identification, stress and lifecycle assessment for safety-critical components and systems in the areas of defence, energy, transport, aerospace, oil & gas, and infrastructure
  • homeland security through electromagnetic imaging for the detection of threat objects and people screening
  • medical imaging and applications related to electromagnetic medical instrumentation. These include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).
  • wireless sensor networks for air quality, climate and noise monitoring, and acoustic source location
  • acoustic sensor development including sonar imaging, low-cost ultrasound scanners and fluid measurement

Our sensors research can be subdivided as follows:



Research Collaborations


  • Manchester University
  • University of Bath
  • Warwick University
  • University of Sheffield
  • Imperial College
  • Cambridge University
  • Tsinghua University, China
  • MIT, USA
  • Fraunhofer IZFP, Germany
  • National Research Council, Canada
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras


  • Rolls Royce
  • Alstom Power
  • Airbus
  • Cross-Government Departments
  • British Energy
  • The Welding Institute (TWI)
  • Bioinnovel, Photon fire
  • National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
  • RWE nPower
  • Network Rail
  • BP