School of Engineering

Labs and Facilities

Labs and Facilities

State of the art facilities used by the µSystems group

Neuro-prosthesis Laboratory

The primary interest of the Neuro-Prosthesis laboratory is in developing neural stimulators and state of the art implantable systems for the new field of optogenetic neuroprosthesis. We are generating new understanding in core neurobiology and using neuro-inspired designs to make better circuits and systems.

Our key interests are in:

  • augmented vision
  • implantable optogentic prosthesis
  • neuro-inspired optoelectronics

µSystems Laboratory

The group is a prolific developer of original design flows and software design tools for microelectronic systems.

The µSystems Lab makes wide-ranging use of Europratice software and has licences for extensive CAD packages. It has links with Intel, Atmel and Sun for chip fabrication.

We can perform feasibility studies, prototyping, testing and characterisation of advanced ICs in 65nm CMOS processes and beyond. Several demonstrator ASICs have recently been designed and fabricated through Europractice (arbiters, microcontrollers, A2D and T2D converters, synchronisers, cryptoblocks, on-chip time measurement circuits, on-chip communication links). For more information see the chip gallery.