School of Engineering


ALERT – Assessment of Life-cycle Effects of Repairs on Tankers

The project will examine the cumulative effect of repairing a tanker throughout its life looking for present best industry practice and ways in which that practice can be improved. What is the effect of joining new steel to old steel? What additional stresses are put into a ship’s structure during a repair? Is fatigue in the structure affected when part of the structure is replaced? How can any adverse effects of repairs be detected and minimised?

The project will be coordinated by School of Marine Science and Technology, Newcastle University, and includes owners, a classification society, a flag state, universities and a ship repair yard.

In addition to the coordination of the project, the School of Marine Science and Technology will be participating in considering the current and emerging technologies, and the identification and prioritisation of future R&D needs and developments in the areas of ship repair practices, Condition monitoring of ships, Structural assessment methodologies, and Through-life management.

Further information is available on the project website.