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From the thrusters on smaller, but numerous, harbour support vessels through to the pod-drives on cruise ships and ocean going liners, azimuthing control has rapidly established itself in the maritime industry. While the industry has risen to meet the demand, this rapid evolution has not allowed sufficient time for the propagation of knowledge throughout the different disciplines. Though the various sectors of the industry each have their own expertise, a lack of communication is both restricting progress and compromising safety – in addition, much work is being repeated unnecessarily.

The project brings together the industry sectors responsible for design and testing, simulation and training, the pilots that operate these ships and the authorities that regulate them. The project aim is to promote a wider understanding across the industry, leading to harmonisation of practice and providing recommendations for both police making and the pilot training process and practice; specifically for ships that use azimuthing manoeuvring devices. The project provides a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion between the key industry sectors; specifically: