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Clean North Sea Shipping-Improved Dissemination and Impact (CNSS-IDI)

The CNSS-IDI aims at maximising the results and impact from CNSS project. The project will extend and significantly strengthen the communication activities started in the original project. In this project, the air emission and quality prediction tools produced in CNSS will be further developed for wider end users such as schools, universities, public sector organisations and business communities.

Voyage Emmsion Prediaction Tools

In the Clean North Sea Shipping (CNSS) project, updated emission factors for CO2, NOx and SO2 were developed and presented. Newcastle University, School of Marine Science and technology, developed user friendly voyage emission prediction tools based on the new CNSS emission factors. These tools have graphical and display options to help the different audiences understand and visualise the generation of emitted air pollutants along the voyage.

Watch introductory video to CNSS: