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UKIERI - Development of Methodology for Biological Assessment of Ballast Water Management Systems

Photography courtesy of NYK group

The project is aimed at developing test protocols to assess the biological effectiveness of ballast water management systems. Mani Arora a PhD student appointed under the UKIERI project started her research in February 2008 at the NIO. This research is being jointly supervised by Dr A. C. Anil from the NIO, Professor Ehsan Mesbahi and Dr Jane Delany (Deputy Director, Dove Marine Biology laboratory) from Newcastle.

Mani arrived at Newcastle in July 2008 and is presently working in the School of Marine Science and Technology as a part of the active research team already in operation. Our team is developing a scientifically sound and practically applicable methodology for the assessment of Ballast Water Management systems for application onboard vessels and in land based laboratories. In doing so large scale culture of test species required for biological assessment is also being taken into consideration. This project is closely linked with an EU funded project, BaWaPla.

This link is expected to provide significant contributions towards the achievements of UKIERI’s objectives as both projects are sharing knowledge through meetings, technical discussions, workshops and joint training programmes. Many research activities within UKIERI are being organised simultaneously with BaWaPla to take advantage of the facilities and opportunities. This collaboration between scientists, researchers and technologists is enhancing the scientific and technical findings of both the projects. Our team of biologists; Dr Jane Delany, Mani Arora, Jenny Carney and technologists; Prof Ehsan Mesbahi, Oihane Basurko, Kayvan Pazouki, Hossain Enshaei in the School of Marine Science and Technology at Newcastle University take an active, leading role in ballast water treatment research.