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Production of bio-methane from seaweed by anaerobic digestion

SeaGas supports the rapid growth of anaerobic digestion (AD) in the UK to provide both economic benefit to end users and the environmental benefits of reduced waste and renewable energy.

The project will develop an AD process which utilises an unexploited, non-food, sustainable resource in the UK, seaweed, to generate bio-methane in place of land biomass and produce a digestate suitable for use as fertiliser. A novel storage system for seaweed will be developed to support 12 month AD operation and counter seaweed variability.

The project is innovative in its provision of a scalable, industrial AD process for seaweed. The unique UK implementation plan will be directed by environmental and socio-economic assessment and economic modelling, to facilitate uptake by AD end users and initiate the building of a viable supply chain for farming and storage of seaweed. It will be the platform for further exploitation of seaweed in other applications.