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Dr Alessio Tei

Lecturer in Maritime Economics


General bionote

I am currently working at the Newcastle University as Lecturer in Maritime Economics. Previously I worked at the Department of Economics of the University of Genoa as post-doc research fellow and as adjunct professor. I was also enrolled as adjunct professor in Maritime Transport at the Naval Academy of Leghorn.

During my career I was a visiting researcher at the Department of Transport and Regional Economics of University of Antwerp. My scientific research is mainly focused on maritime economics, transport economics and on the effects of transport on the regional development. During my PhD I was part of some consultancy works on transport efficiency and on transport planning.

I am author of several contributions published in academic journals and books, and member of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) and of the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRs).

I've been involved in local organizing committee of the IAME 2013 Conference and I was member of the scientific committee of the Italian Society of Transport and Logistics Economists 2016 Conference.

Concerning other roles, I am currently Section Editor of the official IAME Magazine “The Maritime Economist” and member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Transport Economics.


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Education background

2009-2012. PhD in Logistics, Transport, and Territory at the Italian Centre of Excellence for Integrated Logistics (CIELI), University of Genoa (Italy)

2006-2008. Master Degree in Maritime and Port Economics and Management at the Department of Economics, University of Genoa (Italy)

2002-2006. Bachelor Degree in Maritime and Transport Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Genoa (Italy)


Previous roles

2015-2016 - Adjunct professor of Regional Economics at the University of Genoa

2014-2016 - Adjunct professor of Maritime Transport at the Naval Academy of Leghorn (Italy)

2012-2016 - Teaching and Research Post doc fellow at the University of Genoa (Italy)



International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) – since 2010

Port Performance Research Network (PPRN) – since 2011

World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRs) – since 2013

Italian Society of Transport and Logistics Economists (SIET) – since 2015


Invited Speech

ISSUGE - Institute for Higher Education (University of Genoa), Lecture on "Market Failures and Regulation: The case of the Transport Systems", 1st April 2017, Genoa.

ISSUGE - Institute for Higher Education (University of Genoa), Lecture on "Regulation in Seaports", 26th May 2016, Genoa.

ISEG – School of Economics and Management Conference on "Port Management in different Countries and Logistic Systems", 12th December 2013, Lisbon.

OECD workshop on "Port-cities", 14th September 2012, Paris.


Supervisory Roles

Main PhD supervisor for Miss T. Koukaki (from February 2017)

Co-supervision of Miss G. Liu (from September 2017)

Co-supervision of Mr P. Pise (from September 2017)


Useful links:

Prime Maritime Transport Group



Research Interest

During my career I developed several research interests, among which:

  • Regulation of the transport sector, mainly linked to the maritime industry (i.e. port and shipping regulation)

  • Port governance

  • Impact of (transport) infrastructure on the regional development

  • Transport and Environment

  • Maritime and Port logistics

  • Efficiency of intermodal transport

  • Public-Private partnerships in the maritime industry


    Applied Methods

    During my career I used many research tools and methods, among which:

  • Network Analysis

  • Data Envelopment Analysis

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Econometrics

  • Game Theory

  • Optimization method

  • Qualitative research methods (e.g. Delphi, Focus groups, Surveys)


    Collaborations and external funding

    During my career, I had been involved in several research projects and consultancy works, among which:

    2017. Understanding Port Efficiency Indicators - international collaboration with University of Genoa (Italy)

    2015. ITF/OECD collaboration – “Competition Issues in Liner Shipping”

    2015. H2020 European Research Project “RCMS - Rethinking Container Management Solutions”.

    2014. OECD collaboration – “Italian Port Organization and future reforms”.

    2014. Multimodal transport chains between South Germany industries and North Adriatic ports.

    2012. Analysis of the pricing system of the Italian mooring service.

    2012. Analysis of the local economic impact of the Cruise activity.

    2011. National Logistics Plan: Analysis of the maritime-road combined transport in Italy.

    2010. Analysis of the pricing strategies for the Genoa Bulk Terminal.

    2009. Evaluation of the lost opportunities' costs for three Genoese container handling societies.


    Currently I am member of the Technical Advisory Group on Port Freight Forecasting at the Department for Transport (UK)


Current Modules:

MAR8079: Ship Chartering and Operations

MAR8074 (second semester): Shipping Market Analysis and Risk Management

MAR3021: Marine Transport Business

MAR3121: Marine Transport Business (Singapore)


During the first semester 2016-17, I acted as Stream Leader for the Marine Transport Management MSc programme.


I have been regularly invited to different external lectures for both professional and higher education courses.