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Dr Andrew Smallbone

Principal Research Associate


Andrew is a Principal Research Associate in the Swan Centre for Energy Research. He is responsible for the management of staff and supervision of research students working on across the centre’s multi-million pound research portfolio.

Andrew is currently the Principal Investigator on the £2.5m EPSRC funded CCSInSupply project and a Research Investigator on the £25m Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI). He is also a co-Investigator on an Innovate UK project on a free-piston engine range-extender and a H2020 project (H-DisNet) on a thermo-chemical district heating networks. He is currently supporting MEP Bogusław Liberadzki in the European Parliament through the MEP-Scientist pairing scheme.

Previously Andrew was Chief Technical Officer at CMCL Innovations in Cambridge and was responsible for developing multiple engineering software simulation tools currently used worldwide for internal combustion engine and future fuel development.

Andrew graduated from the University of Southampton in 1999 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He then completed an M.Sc. in Combustion and Energy and then a PhD from the University of Leeds. Andrew then went on to a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Kyushu, Japan at the 21st Century Center of Excellence. He then went on to be Research Staff at Princeton University, U.S.

Current Position

Principal Research AssociateUniversity of Newcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K.

Previous Positions

Chief Technical Officer, cmcl innovations, Cambridge, U.K.

Chief Technical Officer, Reaction Engineering Solutions Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.

Visiting Research Collaborator, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.

Professional Research Staff Member, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.

Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.

Center of Excellence (CoE) Post-doctoral Fellow, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan.

Research Assistant, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.

M.Sc. Combustion and Energy, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K.

B.Eng. (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton, U.K.


Funded Projects

Co-Investigator, A network for hydrogen-fuelled transportation (Network-H2), £966,000, Engineering and Physical Sciences Council  (EP/S032134/1), U.K., 2019-2023.

Co-Investigator, A Zero-Emission Closed-loop linear-Joule CYcle (ZECCY) engine generator, £900,000, Engineering and Physical Sciences Council  (EP/R041970/1), U.K., 2018-2021.

Principal InvestigatorA compact hydrogen-powered range extender, UK Department for Transport, 2018.

Co-Investigator, Hydrogen to Smart Mobility, UK Department for Transport, Transport Catapult, 2018.

Principal Investigator, Examining the impact of APC roadmaps using transport system modelling, Engineering and Physical Sciences Council  (EP/R512977/1), Advanced Propulsion Centre, U.K., 2018.

Principal InvestigatorEfficient gas and electrical network management using pumped heat energy storage technology, £84k, EPSRC ICASE Award Studentship, 2017-2021.

Principal Investigator, Demonstration of a zero emission, high-efficiency argon-hydrogen reactor for hybrid heavy duty vehicles, £500,000, Low Carbon Vehicle Integrated Delivery Program (IDP13), Innovate UK/EPSRC (132757), U.K., 2017-2019.

Co-Investigator, Camless valves for high-efficiency heat engines, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award (EP/R511584/1), 2018.

Principal Investigator, National Centre for Pumped Heat Energy Storage (PHES), £1,050,000, Energy Technologies Institute & Newcastle University, 2016-2018.

Research Investigator, Centre for Energy Systems Integration, £20m, Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EP/P001173/1), U.K., 2016-2021.

Principal Investigator, Developing low-emission internal combustion engines using the next-generation of cloud computing facilitated models, £84,000, EPSRC ICASE Award Studentship, 2016-2020.

Principal Investigator, CCS from Industrial clusters and their Supply chains (CCSInSupply), £2.5m, Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EP/N024567/1), U.K., 2016-2019.

Co-Investigator, H-DisNet: Hybrid Thermo-chemical District Heating Networks, €2.7m, Horizon 2020 (grant agreement 695780), 2016-2019.

Co-Investigator, Unlocking the potential of a free-piston engine range extender, £200k, Low Carbon Vehicle Integrated Delivery Program (IDP12), Innovate UK/EPSRC (ref= 132233), U.K., 2016-2018.

Co-Investigator, Demonstrating industrial opportunities in waste heat recovery, £84k, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award (EP/K503885/1), 2016.

Co-Investigator, Techno-economic analysis at Moyle interconnector site, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award (EP/K503885/1), 2016.

Co-investigator, Scroll-type energy regeneration and waste heat recovery system for vehicles, Royal Society (ref=19078), 2016-2018.

Co-Investigator, Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV & PDA) Capital Equipment Award, £350k, Engineering and Physical Sciences Council, U.K., 2015.

Co-Investigator, Feasibility investigation of a Free Piston Engine - Gas Turbine System for power generation applications, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award (EP/K503885/1), 2015.

Researcher, Free-piston engine project, European Regional Development Fund, 2012-2015.

Principal Investigator, ACER: Accessing Cloud for Emissions Reduction, FP7 Cloud based Simulation platform for Manufacturing and Engineering project, 2015-2016.

Principal Investigator, ProtoDrive: Method for the Rapid Design of Efficient Hybrid Vehicle Drivelines, Technology-Inspired Innovation (Big Data Section), Innovate UK (ref=101505), U.K., 2013-2015.

Co-Investigator, K2: Coupling of Real World Data and Fast Response Algorithms to Improve Simulation Correlations and Optimise Construction Machine Performance, ICT for Manufacturing and Construction, Technology Strategy Board (ref=101146), U.K., 2012-2014.

Principal Investigator, CFAST: Carbon Negative Fuels derived from Algal and Solar Technologies, (Ref= 130766Carbon Abatement Technologies- Strand 2, Technology Strategy Board, U.K., 2012.

Co-Investigator, TESBiC: Techno-economic study of Biomass to CSS, Energy Technology Institute, U.K., 2011.

Co-Investigator, LiLa: Library of Labs – Dissemination of Remote and Virtual Laboratories for Natural Sciences and Engineering, European funding FP7, 2008.

Researcher, Structure and Response of Spherical Diffusion Flames (s-Flame), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), US, 2008.

Awards and Recognitions

SAE Industry Innovator Award, Society of Automotive Engineers, World Congress, Detroit, April 2011.

Royal Academy of Engineering Travel Award, Royal Academy of Engineering, August 2010.

SAE Industry Innovator Award, Society of Automotive Engineers, World Congress, Detroit, April 2010.

Automotive Engineering International Technology Award, April 2010.

Combustion Institute (British Section) Travel Award, August 2008.

NASA Fellowship, Princeton, U.S., 2008.

Global Center of Excellence Post-doctoral Fellowship, Kyushu, Japan, 2006.

Global Center of Excellence Post-doctoral Fellowship, Kyushu, Japan, 2005.

EPSRC Award for better public understanding, 2003.

EPSRC PhD Studentship, 2000.

EPSRC Scholarship for a Master of Science in Combustion and Energy, 1999.


Member of the Combustion Institute