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Dr Andrey Mokhov

Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering, Royal Society Industry Fellow


Dr Andrey Mokhov is a Senior Lecturer in Computing Engineering and Royal Society Industry Fellow at University of Newcastle. His areas of expertise are concurrency, formal methods and functional programming.

Google scholar: Click here.


I am a member of the μSystems Research Group, where I lead a small team doing research and software development for asynchronous circuits and concurrent systems in general. We have developed several new mathematical models, languages and algorithms that help software and hardware designers be more creative and productive.

You can find my open-source projects on GitHub and an up-to-date list of publications on Google Scholar

I am an investigator on the EPSRC programme grant POETS, where I lead the Newcastle University team.

Research Interests

Theoretical Computing Science
  • Foundations for compositional system design, with particular focus on describing systems as an algebraic composition of their basic structural and behavioural elements.
  • Efficient algorithms for algebraic transformations of graphs and families of graphs.
Energy-Efficient and High Performance Computing
  • Design of energy-efficient systems, including both hardware and software, aiming at creating systems with very-low-to-zero energy footprint.
  • High performance computing through massive parallelism and concurrency provided by modern hardware platforms, such as many-core GPUs, heterogeneous FPGAs, and custom dataflow ASICs.


I lead EEE1008 (C Programming, see notes) and EEE8064 (Biometrics and Recognition) modules. I am also a Degree Programme Director for the Microelectronics MSc degree