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Dr Andrey Mokhov

Visiting Fellow


Dr Andrey Mokhov is a Visiting Fellow at Newcastle University. His areas of expertise are concurrency, formal methods and functional programming.

You can find my open-source projects on GitHub and an up-to-date list of publications on Google Scholar.


I am a member of the μSystems Research Group, where I lead a small team applying abstract mathematics, custom hardware design, and functional programming to industrial engineering problems.

You can find my open-source projects on GitHub and an up-to-date list of publications on Google Scholar

I am an investigator on the EPSRC programme grant POETS, where I lead Newcastle University team.

Research Interests

  • Algebraic graphs: underlyng mathematics, efficient algorithms, and applications.
  • Theory of functional programming.
  • Design and implementation of large-scale software build systems.
  • EDA tools for asynchronous circuits and concurrent systems in general.
  • New computing architectures and hardware accelerators.
  • Complexity theory, particularly in the context of circuits and algebraic structures.


I do not lead any courses but occasionally do guest lectures.