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Dr Andrew Steven

Senior Research Associate


  • Steven A, Pennington S. Design of a 6MW Dynamic Coupling Test Rig. In: British Gear Association Anual Seminar. 2012, Derby, UK.
  • Steven A. Timing Drive Load Measurement (Belts and Chains) and Gear Optimisation for High Reliability and Low Noise. In: Engine Design, Inst of Mech Engineers. 2008, Inst of Mech Engineers, London.
  • Steven A. ‘A Flexographic Printing Cartridge’ Flexo inker cartridge for Morgan print machine. 09/09/2000.
  • Steven A. Title - Sheet Fed Machines (This is an improved registration method for scroll cut metal). 9807863.7, 15/04/1998.
  • Steven A. An Infeed Mechanism for Paper Press or the like ( this is used on the paper press). 29/04/1996.
  • Steven A. Sheet Settling System (This is for the magnetic and vacuum infeed on the press and coater machines). 96307022.2, 18/09/1996.
  • Steven A. Scraper Assembly (New system for cleaning rolls on the coating machine). 9520536.5, 07/10/1995.
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