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Dr Anil Namdeo

Reader in Air Quality Management



I am a Chartered Environmentalist a Chartered Scientist and currently a Reader in Air Quality Management at Newcastle University. I have special interest in traffic emissions and air quality. My research also covers the issue of transport and sustainability. My research has also focussed on air quality and health with a special focus on the personal exposure of population to air pollution. I am also involved in research on environmental justice and links between air quality, social deprivation and health. My research bridges the gap between engineering, and medical and social sciences.

I am a visiting professor at the Anna University, Chennai, India.

I have been involved in environmental assessment of many land-use and transport policies and have been involved in developing a platform PITHEM (Platform for Integrated Traffic, Health and Emission Modelling) to facilitate this. PITHEM facilitates modelling and mapping of traffic emissions (CO2, other gaseous pollutants and particles), noise and air quality. I am also involved in research on developing self conserving urban environments (SECURE project) and measuring, modelling, mapping and managing carbon footprint of a city (4M  project). Currently I am the principal investigator for joint UK-India project CADTIME (Clean Air for Delhi Through Interventions, Mitigations and Engagement). Am also involved in LC-TRANSFORM project to provide and integrated planning and deployment strategy for multi-purpose low carbon fleets and its enabling infrastructure in UK and Chinese cities. 

I have developed software for multi-criteria decision analysis of transport scenarios producing strategic environmental and health assessments. The modelling tools have previously been applied to address sustainability issues associated with local and regional land use and transport policies. I have been actively engaged in international research and has close links with academics and researchers in India, China, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Tanzania.


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Roles and Responsibilities

Reader in Air Quality Management

Associate Director, Institute for Sustainability


Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)

Chartered Scientist (CSci)

PhD (Air Pollution Modelling), University of Nottingham

M.Tech. (Env. Sc. & Eng.), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

BA (Additional), Sociology, Nagpur University, India

B.E. (Civil Eng.), Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur, India

Previous Positions

Director, Transport Operations Research Group (TORG) 2015-2018

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds (2002-2008)

Research Fellow, Schools of Geography & Environment, University of Leeds (1998-2002)

Research Associate, University of Nottingham (1996-1998) 

Scientist, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India (1987-1996)

Environmental Engineer, JK Paper Mills, Rayagada, Orissa, India (1986-1987)

Environmental Engineer, Envirotech Consultants, New Delhi, India (1985-1986)


Fellow, Royal Meteorological Society (FRMetS)
Member, Institution of Environmental Sciences (MIEnvS)
Member, Institute for Air Quality Management (MIAQM)
Member, Environmental Protection UK (previously known as NSCA)
Life Member, Institution of Engineers (India)
Life Member, Indian Association for Environmental Management
Hon Secretary, Smart Environment Interest Group of the Intelligent Transport Society (UK) 2005-07

Honours and Awards

Commonwealth Fellowship for PhD at the University of Nottingham (1992-1995)Award of Indian National Merit Scholarship 1978-83




Research Interests

Environmental and health assessment of land use and transport policies

Traffic emission and air quality modelling

Air quality, health and environmental justice

Personal exposure to air pollution (including second-hand smoke)

Carbon footprint of transport and domestic sectors

Multi-criteria assessment of transport schemes

Current and Recently Finished Projects 

#. NERC CADTIME  (Clean Air for Delhi Through Interventions, Mitigations and Engagement)

The Clean Air for Delhi Through Interventions, Mitigations and Engagement (CADTIME) project aims to understand what is required to deliver significant reductions in levels of air pollution, within the confines of factors which are under our control, through affordable, effective interventions that consider and respond to future changes. CADTIME brings together a consortium of institutions and experts from across both India and the United Kingdom with the goal of addressing air quality issues that affect people's health in Delhi. This goal will be achieved through the development of an Integrated Action Plan (IAP), detailing strategies and potential interventions for mitigating air pollution in both the city, and surrounding region. The IAP will be based on development of a sound understanding of the current contributing factors to air pollution across the domestic, transport, industrial and agricultural sectors, for Delhi, as well as forecasting of how those sectors will change across the short, medium and long terms.

Project leader: Dr Anil NamdeoSponsors: NERC (UK), MRC (UK), MoES (India), DBT (India)Partners: Newcastle University (UK), University of the West of England (UK), Indian Institute of Technology Madras (India), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India), National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (India)Start/End dates: 30 November 2016 – 29 November 2020

#EPSRC - CORONA: City Observatory Research platfOrm for iNnovation and Analytics (to start 2018)

The UKCRIC programme comprises three strands of activity: research laboratories, modelling and simulation, and an £8m investment in equipment to establish a suite of Urban Observatories (UOs).  CORONA will demonstrate how the internationally unique UOs provide new and unprecedented understanding about urban processes, and their interactions, across sectors and scales and therefore how they improve engineering and planning decisions. CORONA will deliver a series of early UKCRIC (UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities) research outcomes that are needed to provide the structural framework for both processes (governance, standards, entrepreneurship) and the technological instruments (data standards, technology, integrating quantitative and qualitative urban monitoring data) essential to the UKCRIC UOs.

#. EPSRC LC TRANSFORM (Low Carbon Transitions of Fleet Operations in Metropolitan Sites)

LC TRANSFORMS utilises and shares between the research partners the wealth of data and knowledge already gathered in previous and on-going projects as a foundation on operation, use, carbon reduction potential and best business practice for low carbon fleets.

#. Public Health England and Fresh Smoke Free North East supported research on exposure of children to second-hand smoke in vehicles

This research provided evidence in support of the new Law which has been passed in England and Wales effective from 1st October which bans smoking in vehicles with anyone under 18 present. The research was widely covered in local, regional, national and international media. Here are some of the links to follow the coverage:

Newcastle University Press Release



Daily Mail:

Sky News:


ITV News:

#. EPSRC SUE Project SECURE (SElf Conserving Urban Environments)

The SECURE project addresses the grand challenge of integrating greater conservation and more efficient resource utilisation across scales to meet future urban demands. SECURE is developing a Regional Urbanisation Model that synthesises resource-supply-demand-waste systems from city and local authorities to regional scales via the integration of three themes - Urbanisation (land use and transport), Building and Energy (supply and demand) and Ecosystem Services (the benefits humans receive from ecosystems).

The SECURE project comprises five Work Packages. The first three focus on the main research areas, Urbanisation, Ecosystem Services, and Building and Energy. Work Package 4 addresses the issue of Societal Impact and Professional Engagement, ensuring that stakeholders are fully engaged both in terms of the technical development of the Base Case (2011) and Projection (2016), and public acceptability of longer term Scenarios (2030/2050). Work Package 5, Integration of Policies Across Themes, ensures that the policies identified and developed throughout the course of the project are fully integrated, both in terms of their proposed design and implementation, and their overall impact in meeting the project objectives.

#. UKIERI Project - NAMPSER (Newcastle and Mumbai Partnership on Sustainability and Environment Research)

Collaborators: Newcastle University, UK and IIT Bombay, India

The main aim of this project is to develop collaboration between Newcastle University and IIT Bombay on topics dealing with some of the most challenging issues faced by developed and developing countries alike viz. traffic congestion, air pollution and health. This will involve exchange of academic and research staff and postgraduate students working together to contribute complementary skills to currently on-going projects and to carry out some pilot studies leading to the development of joint research proposals and publications. This will enhance ongoing efforts to strengthen current practice in India/UK involving urban administrative authorities and regulatory agencies for sustained and holistic approach to traffic and air quality management.  

#. EPSRC Global SECURE Project

In collaboration with the Peking University and Wuhan University, China.

International engagement to focus on crucial technological challenges which can support substantial energy reductions and a supply of clean, secure energy.  To enhance existing UK-China research relationships, build new links with the top universities in China, and strengthen the competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in the UK and China.  The project is highly relevant to the UK government’s energy strategy to secure the future energy supply and achieve national targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

#. EPSRC SUE Project 4M (Measurement, Modelling, Mapping and Management

An Evidence-Based Methodology for Understanding and Shrinking the Urban Carbon Footprint). 2008-2012. The 4M project seeks to investigate how much carbon the city produces - and looks at ways it can be cut. It seeks to place calculations of the Carbon Footprint of cities on a secure platform and produce a carbon emissions inventory for the whole city of Leicester. Four topic areas are being studied: building energy, reduction of emissions and pollution from transport, carbon sequestration rates and impact of personal carbon quotas. The project is in partnership with De Montfort, Leicester, Loughborough, Sheffield and Leeds universities.

#. EPSRC SUE Project ReVISIONS (Regional Visions of Integrated Sustainable Infrastructure Optimised for NeighbourhoodS)

2008-2012. ReVISIONS project is in collaboration with Cambridge, Newcastle, Exeter, Leeds universities and Imperial College London. In ReVISIONS, the research will be carried out within an integrated modelling framework to understand how regional 'top down' spatial development policies would affect the size and densities of settlements and identify the most sustainable combinations of infrastructure at different spatial scales and locations. My role in ReVISIONS would be in environmental modelling and overall assessment of various options. Each option will be assessed across a wide range of criteria encompassing the environmental impacts, use of resources, economy, social inclusion, and health.

#. EPSRC SUE Project. SOLUTIONS (Sustainability Of Land Use and Transport In Outer NeighbourhoodS). 2004-2009.

main aim of the SOLUTIONS project was to develop generic guidance to support the planning, design and implementation of sustainable land use and transport strategies in peri-urban areas that experience high pressure for growth. SOLUTIONS was a collaborative project with Cambridge University, University of West England, University of Leeds and University College London. The principal research questions that SOLUTIONS answered was how far, and by what means, can towns and cities be planned so they are socially inclusive, economically efficient and environmentally sustainable. See a key publication on the findings here.

Postgraduate Supervision

I am currently supervising (main and co-supervision) 9 PhD students. I have supervised five successful PhDs. 

Areas of the ongoing PhD projects are listed below:

Transport and sustainabilityTraffic emission and air quality modellingAir quality, health and environmental justicePersonal exposure to air pollutionCarbon footprint of road, rail and air transportNoise pollutionActive travel to schoolCycling - personal exposure to air pollution; perception to cyclingAutomated driving for elderly people

Completed Theses

Salem Albalawi, 2016, Daily air pollution levels and asthma, exploring the influence of time-activity patterns on personal exposure in Al Jubail industrial city, Saudi Arabia. [Co-supervision with Institute of Health and Society, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University].
Samuel Ginja, 2016, Development and feasibility of an intervention to promote active travel to school. [Co-supervision with Institute of Health and Society, Faculty of Med

Hamat Matar, 2015, Indoor and outdoor exposure to PM10 in properties in the vicinity of urban streets. [Main supervisor]

Matthew Caygill, 2014, Public Attitudes to Long Distance Travel and Perceptions of High Speed Rail. [Co-supervisor]

Chris Emmerson, 2014, Investigating Older Drivers’ Route Guidance Requirements to Inform the Design of Future In-Vehicle Navigation Systems. [Co-supervisor]

Justin Cairns, 2013, Emissions Abatement Technology, Fuels and Low Emissions Vehicles: Win-Win for Air Quality and Climate Change? [Co-supervisor]

Norhayati Yahya , 2013, Assessment of service quality and satisfaction from passengers‟ perspective to inform bus operator’s decision making. [Co-supervisor]

Ongoing Theses

James O’Brien, Modelling the Environmental Justice of the Spatial Distribution of Air Quality. [Main supervisor]

Jamie O’Hare, Developing a modelling framework to quantify the social impacts of walking and cycling which acknowledges their complexity, distribution and overlap. [Co-supervisor]

Saad Almutairi, Investigating Impacts of the Increased Uptake of Electric Vehicles on Air Quality and Health. [Main supervisor]

Shuo Li, Investigating Older Drivers' Requirements to Inform the Future Design of Automated Driving Systems. [Co-supervisor]

Khalid Kordi, Traffic Related Air Pollution and Human Health in Madinah – Saudi Arabia. [Co-supervision with Institute of Health and Society, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University].

Chuleekorn Tanathitikorn, An investigation of associations between climate change and heat related illnesses and heat warning system development in Thailand. [Co-supervision with Institute of Health and Society, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University].

Ayan Chakravartty, An investigation of air pollution and health impacts of clear zones in six UK cities. [Main Supervisor. With Institute of Health and Society, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University].

Abiola Agunbiade, Developing a national appraisal framework for transport projects, for a developing country like Nigeria. [Main supervisor, with Newcastle University Business School]

Esteem Indicators

Visiting Professor, Anna University, India, since 2013.

Member of the US Transport Research Board’s Committee on Transport and Air Quality (ADC20)

Member of the Steering Committee of Institute of Air Quality Management

Coordinator of the Environment and Health Research network affiliated to Newcastle University’s Institute for Sustainability

Co-editor of a special issue of journal RTBM (Research in Transportation Business & Management) on ‘Innovations in Technologies for Sustainable Transport’.

NERC Grant Reviewer since 2006.

EPSRC Grant Reviewer since 2007.

MRC Grant Reviewer since 2012.

External examiner of three PhD theses at the Vishwabharati University, India 2002, 2005 and 2011.

Hon Secretary, Smart Environment Interest Group of the Intelligent Transport Society (UK) 2004-07

Invited as a judge for the ITS (UK) Annual Awards 2008.

Invited guest editor, International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, Special issue, Urban Air Pollution, Volume 9, Number 2.


Reviewer of journal papers 

Atmospheric EnvironmentAtmospheric ResearchEIA ReviewEnvirohnment InternationalEnvironmental IndicatorsEnvironmental Modelling and SoftwareEnvironmental Monitoring and AssessmentEnvironmental Planning Part AIndoor AirInstitution of Civil EngineersInternational Journal of Environment and PollutionInternational Journal of Environmental and Waste Management (IJEWM)International Journal of Environmental Engineering (IJEE)International Journal of Geographical Information SciencePublic HealthScience of the Total EnvironmentSpecial issue of World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable DevelopmentWater, Air and Soil Pollutionand many more

Reviewer of conference papers

ITS World Congress
ITS European Congress and Exhibition
Urban Environment and Systems


Funds indicate total project grant.

NERC/MRC Newton Fund. Clean Air for Delhi Through Interventions, Mitigations and Engagement (CADTIME). 2016-2020. Total Grant Value £998,879EPSRC. Low Carbon Transitions of Fleet Operations in Metropolitan Sites (LC TRANSFORMS). 2015-2018, Total Grant Value £800,000Newcastle City Council. Cycling in City Projects Evaluation. 2016-2017, Total Grant Value £21,0000EPSRC. SUE Project SECURE (SElf Conserving Urban Environments). 2011-2015. Total Grant Value £1,483, 589British Council. UKIERI NAMPSER Project. 2013-2015. Total Grant Value £33,013 INR 1,274,714.EPSRC. Global SECURE Project. 2012-2013. Total Grant Value £666,172.Newcastle City Council. Low Emission Zoen Feasibility Study. 2012-2013. Total Grant Value £22,600.EPSRC. SUE Project 4M (Measurement, Modelling, Mapping and Management: An Evidence-Based Methodology for Understanding and Shrinking the Urban Carbon Footprint). 2008 to 2012. Total Grant: £3,146,658.British Council. PMI2 Project. An integrated research framework for assessing anthropogenic-biogenic emissions interactions.  2008-2011.  Total Grant Value £19,929.Newcastle City Council. 2008-2009. Air Quality for North East. Total Grant Value £15,000.EPSRC. SUE Project ReVISIONS (Regional Visions of Integrated Sustainable Infrastructure Optimised for NeighbourhoodS). 2008 to 2012. Total Grant Value £1,010,629.EPSRC. SUE Project. SOLUTIONS (Sustainability Of Land Use and Transport In Outer NeighbourhoodS). 2004-2008. Total Grant Value £1,750,342.Leicester City Council. MALL (Modelling Air Quality for Leicester Local Transport Plan). 2006-2007. Total Grant Value £17,000.University of Leeds, Estate Services. Estimation of Emission and Health Impacts of University of Leeds Travel Survey 2004. Total Grant Value £7,860. 2004-2005.High Peak and Dales Primary Care Trust. Matlock Health Impact Assessment. Total Grant Value £8,000. ITS, Leeds. Development of SMARTNET (System for Multi-criteria Assessment of Road Transport NETworks). Total Grant Value £68,000.EPSRC-DETR. 'Future Integrated Transport' project. An assessment of the air quality and health implications of strategic transport initiatives. 2000-2001. Total Grant Value £127,048.EPSRC. 'Sustainable Cities' project. Quantifiable City - Phase 2. 1998-2000. 1998-2000. Total Grant Value £131,233.EPSRC. Pathways of particulate pollution in urban environment. 1996-1998. Total Grant Value £141,670.


Air quality
Environmental justice


Undergraduate Teaching

CEG3004: Sustainable Engineering Systems Design Project  (Module Leader since 2014)

CEG3099: Stage 3 Individual Dissertation Projects

Postgraduate Teaching

Leader of the following MSc modules:

Economic and Environmental Appraisal of Transport Activities (CEG8426)

Traffic and Environment Management for Sustainability (CEG8409)

Air Pollution (CEG8405)

Contribution to the following modules:

CEG8418 Transport Policy and Legislation

CEG8101 Core Concepts in Environmental Engineering

CPD Courses

Air Pollution

Air Quality and Health

Transport and Environmental Appraisal: Tools and Techniques

Economic and Environmental Appraisal of Transport Activities

 Full list of CPD courses in Transport


I was nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award 2013 in the category 'Taught Supervisor of the Year'. Read the citation here.