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Dr Brian Abraham

Guest Member of Staff



Brian has an unusual skill set. He combines post-doctoral mechanical engineering research with his role as a highly experienced occupational therapist. 

He has a single research project, to understand how the shapes of small architectural spaces thwart or enable movements of wheelchair users and other wheeled assistive-technology users.   

Optimising the design of new buildings for wheelchair accessibility assists many. In contrast and compliment, Brian’s project is concerned with those people for whom wheelchair-use is difficult because their homes are so small but consider moving to a new house an undesirable outcome. He meets such people frequently in his role as an occupational therapist.

He is pioneering a mechanical engineering approach which can direct the design of architectural modification (adaptations) to existing small-size homes to meet the diverse wishes and needs of individual wheelchair-users. 

PhD Bio-Engineering Newcastle University, UK
BSc Therapeutic Studies University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK
Diploma in Occupational Therapy University of Northumbria at Newcastle (Newcastle Polytechnic)

British Association of Occupational Therapists
Health Professional Council

2013 Research Career Development Grant, UK Occupational Therapy Research Foundation
2009 Pressalit Care Award, UK Occupational Therapy Research Foundation