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Dr Brian Thomas

Senior Lecturer in Hydrology


My research seeks to incorporate and evaluate anthropogenic influences into the hydrologic cycle  To do this, I explicitly consider the effect of groundwater withdrawals, surface water alterations, climate and water management decisions.  The key question that guides my research is: how have we humans muddled the hydrologic cycle, and how will we continue to muddle the cycle in the future?  Answering these questions allows us to work toward meeting our water demands in sustainable ways.

Current PhD Students

  • Julio Caineta: Remote sensing of subsurface groundwater discharge
  • Charalampos Ntigkakis: Modeling urban groundwater
  • Mohamed Akl: Remote sensing of perched aquifers in Egypt
  • BSc, Geology and Environmental Technology, University of North Dakota
  • MSc, Hydrology, University of New Hampshire
  • PhD, Water Resources Engineering, Tufts University


Research Interests

Global groundwater sustainability

Urban hydrology

Storm water management

Statistical hydrology

Groundwater hydrology

Remote sensing

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Program Leader:

  • Deputy Degree Program Director: MSc Hydrogeology and Water Management

Module Leader: 

  • CEG8507: Borehole Design, Construction and Operation
  • CEG8511: Groundwater Assessment

Course Contributor: 

  • CEG8525: Hydrosystems Processes and Data Analysis (Hydrogeology topics)