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Dr David Reay

Senior Research Associate


Professor David Reay, B.Sc. (Eng), M.Sc., C.Eng., M.R.Ae.S.

The research and business interests of David Reay include: heat transfer, compact & intensified heat exchangers, heat pipes & thermosyphons, heat pumps, process integration and intensification, industrial energy efficiency, renewable energy and thermal storage.

Academic & other positions:

Honorary Professor – Nottingham University School of the Built Environment

Visiting Professor - Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne

Principal Consultant – David Reay & Associates

Other Activities & Awards

Editor-in-Chief – Thermal Science and Engineering Progress (Elsevier)

Founding Editor - Applied Thermal Engineering (Elsevier)

First Honorary Life member of the Heat Pump Association

Past President of the Heat Transfer Society

Member of the UK Heat Transfer Committee

Chairman of the Organising Committee for the UK bid for the next International Heat Transfer Conference

Co-ordinator of the Heat Exchanger Action Group –

Co-ordinator of the Process Intensification Network –

Author/co-author of eight books

Areas of expertise

Process intensification

Compact heat exchangers

Heat pumps

Energy recovery

Heat pipes

Thermal control


Research into process intensification where solids are present (IbD project -HORIZON 2020).

Co-supervisor of projects on gas hydrates and micro fluidised beds (PhD students)



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Major Review Papers:


Reay, D.A.  Heat transfer enhancement - a review of techniques and their possible impact on energy efficiency in the UK.  Heat Recovery Systems & CHP, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp 1-40, 1991.

Reay, D.A.  Process intensification and its role in mitigating global warming effects.  PLENARY PAPER – PRES07 and ICHEAP Congress, Ischia Italy, Jume 2007. 


A selection of relevant papers (Conference, Journal, etc.) published in period 1994-2013:

Reay, D.A.  Compact heat exchangers:  A review of current equipment & R&D in the field.  Heat Recovery Systems & CHP, Vol.14, No.5, pp 459-474, 1994.


Reay, D.A.  Heat Pumps in The UK:  Current Status and Activities.  Invited Paper, Proc. IEA Heat Pump Executive Committee Meeting, London, November 1994.


Reay, D.A.  Theory and practice of mechanical vapour recompression.  Keynote Paper, EEO/EA Technology Seminar, UMIST, Manchester, April 1995.


Reay, D.A.  Intensified Heat Exchangers.  Proc. 1st. Int. Conf. on Science, Engineering & Technology of Intensified Processing, Nottingham University, September 1995.


Reay, D.A.  Fouling of Compact Heat Exchangers.  EEO/Institute of Petroleum Seminar 'Developments in Energy-Efficient Technologies for the Refining and Petrochemical Industries', London, October 1995.


Berghmans, J., Bertinat, M.P., Guittard, F., Oostendorp, P. and Reay, D.A.  Present situation and market trends in Europe - The Role of the European Union Heat Pump Concerted Action Group.  Proc. IEA Heat Pump Conf., Canada, 1996.


Reay, D.A.  Applications of Compact Heat Exchangers.  Invited Keynote Lecture, UK Heat Exchange Engineering'96 Conference & Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham, April 1996.  Publ. in 'Advances in Industrial Heat Transfer, IChemE, Rugby, 1996.


Reay, D.A.  The Benefits of Heat Pumps in the UK.  Proc. Heat Pump Forum, Reading, July 1996.  (Published as IEA Heat Pump Centre Report, 1996).


Reay, D.A. and Kew, P.A.  Compact heat exchangers for intensified refrigeration plant.  Proc. IChemE Research Event, Nottingham University, April 1997.


Reay, D.A.  Heat powered cycle research - A European Perspective.  Proc. 1st Int. Conf. on Heat Powered Cycles, Nottingham University, September 1997.


Riffat, S.B., Afonso, C.F., Oliviera, A.C. and Reay, D.A.  Natural refrigerants for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.  Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 17, No. 1, Jan. 1997.


Reay, D.A.  Recent Advances in Heat Transfer Enhancement.  Invited Lecture, 10th Int. Heat Pipe Conf., Stuttgart, September 1997.  Published in Proceedings, 1999.


Reay, D.A.  Thermophysics and efficiency:  'Small is becoming beautiful' in heat transfer and thermodynamics - or is it?  Invited address, Annual Meeting, Thermophysical Properties Club, Birmingham, April 1998.


Reay, D.A.  Compact heat exchangers, enhancement and heat pumps.  Plenary Paper,  Proc. 6th IEA Heat Pump Conf., Berlin, May 31 – June 2, 1999.


Reay, D.A.  Learning from Experiences with Compact Heat Exchangers.  CADDET Analysis Series No. 25, CADDET/IEA, The Netherlands, June 1999.  ISBN 90-72647-43-2


Reay, D.A. & Kew, P.A.  The contribution of compact heat exchangers to reducing the capital cost of heat pumps.  IMechE Seminar Publication ‘Recent Developments in Refrigeration & Heat Pump Technologies.  Publ. 1999-10, 1999.


Reay, D.A.  Process Intensification – is our knowledge of heat transfer in highly compact heat exchangers and other unit operations sufficient to meet the needs of intensified processes.  Keynote Address.  Proc. 6th UK National Heat Transfer Conference.  In: IMechE Conf. Trans. No. 1999-7, pp 109-118, 1999.


Turnpenny, J., Etheridge, D.A. and Reay, D.A.  Novel ventilation cooling system for reducing air conditioning in buildings.  Part 1: Testing and theoretical modelling.  Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 20, No. 11, pp. 1019-1038, August 2000.


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Reay D.A.  Heating and cooling – Energy efficiency by ‘local’ environmental management.  Proc. ASME-ATI Conf., Milan, 14-17 May, 2006.


Reay, D.A.  Heating and cooling – can the human body operate a ‘heat powered cycle’.  Keynote address, 6th Heat Powered Cycle Conference, Newcastle University, 12-14 September 2006.


Kew P.A. and Reay, D.A. Compact/micro heat exchangers - Their role in heat pumping equipment. Applied Thermal Engineering 31 (2011) 594-601


Reay, D.A. and Harvey, A.P.  The role of heat pipes in chemical reactors.  Applied Thermal Engineering 57 (2013) 147-153.


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MacGregor, R.W., Kew, P.A. and Reay, D.A. Investigation of low Global Warming Potential working fluids for a closed two-phase thermosyphon. Applied Thermal Engineering 51 (2013) 917-925


Law, R., Harvey, A. P. and Reay, D.A. A knowledge-based system for the selection/design of low-grade waste-heat recovery technology. Paper accepted for AIChE Conference, San Francisco, 2013.


Law, R., Harvey, A.P. and Reay, D.A. Techno-economic comparison of a high-temperature heat pump and an organic Rankine cycle machine for low-grade waste heat recovery in UK industry. Int. J. Low Carbon Technologies 2013, 8, 147-154.


Reay, D.A. Heat-powered cycles: are the process industries 'missing the boat'? Int. J. Low Carbon Technologies 2013, 8, 12-18.


I have taught the course on Compact Heat exchangers within the Process Intensification module at Newcastle University.

At Heriot-Watt University I used to teach Energy Studies, Process Intensification (Module) and Technology Futures & Business Studies (MSc module).

At Nottingham University and Brunel University London I give Seminars on relevant energy technologies.