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Dr Dragos Neagu

Research Associate


Dr Dragos Neagu graduated from the Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, University Politehnica, Bucharest, Romania, in 2008. During his undergraduate studies, he specialised in the science and engineering of oxide materials and nanomaterials. He then moved to the University of St Andrews where he worked under the supervision of Prof. John TS Irvine. He received his PhD in 2013 for the thesis entitled “Materials and Microstructures for High Temperature Electrochemical Devices through Control of Perovskite Defect Chemistry”. He continued to work in the same group until 2016. During his time in St Andrews he laid the foundation for a new field based on confined nanoparticles with unique functional capabilities, with applications in electrochemical devices, catalysis, energy conversion and storage and beyond. His work was published in several Nature-family journals.

Dragos’ expertise lies in materials, methods and concepts in the solid state chemistry of oxides, electrochemistry, structure-property correlations and the rational design of oxide materials with complex functionality.

Dragos joined The Application of Ion Transport Group at Newcastle University as a post-doctoral research associate in April 2017. His is currently involved in work related to heterogenous catalysis, chemical looping and membranes.