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Dr Elizabeth Lewis

Lecturer in Computational Hydrology


I am a lecturer in Computational Hydrology at Newcastle University and have been a researcher at Newcastle since 2015 and am currently a Fellow of Newcastle Policy Academy. My area of expertise are hydrological data, hydrological modelling and climate impacts.

INTENSE (“INTElligent use of climate models for adaptatioN to non-Stationary hydrological Extremes”):

  • €2M ERC project led by Prof. Hayley Fowler, Newcastle University
  • Exploring drivers of change in extreme sub daily rainfall
  • Creating a global sub-daily rainfall dataset
  • Extensive quality control algorithms developed.
  • Incorporating information from satellite and radar
  • Set of global sub-daily rainfall indices developed
  • Improving high resolution climate models
  • Project partners include the UK Met office, Reading University, SMHI, IITGN, Washington University, NCAR , University of Adelaide, University of New South Wales, KNMI, Princeton University, GEWEX
SINATRA: Susceptibility of catchments to INTense RAinfall and flooding:
  • 5 year NERC funded programme led by Prof. Hannah Cloke (Reading) and Prof. Hayley Fowler (Newcastle)
  • Advancing scientific understanding of the processes determining the probability, incidence and impacts of Flooding from Intense Rainfall
  •  Extensive quality control of tipping bucket rain gauge data.
  • Development of gridded hourly rainfall dataset for the UK
  • Project partners include Bristol University, University of Stuttgart, CEH
Developing systems for rapid analysis of groundwater conceptualisations:
  • ESPRC Impact Acceleration Account, led by Dr Geoff Parkin (Newcastle University)
  • Using geological mapping software (Subsurface Viewer, GSI3D) to create conceptual groundwater models
  • Developing software to convert conceptual groundwater models into hydrological models
  • Developing software to visualise outputs from physically based hydrological models in GeoVisionary
  • Testing this workflow to examine groundwater flooding in Kilham, East Yorkshire
  • Project partners include the Environment Agency, BGS
Assessing flooding from multiple sources using a national scale modelling system:
  • Supervising a  PhD student (Ben Smith) funded through the DREAM DTC partnership
  • Improving the representation of geology within a physically based national modelling system using BGS national scale data
  • National scale assessment of the models ability to reproduce observed river flows and groundwater levels
  • Developing methodologies for identification of groundwater flooding from hydrographs.
  • Project partners include BGS, EA
A robust physically based hydrological model for Great Britain:
  • NERC funded PhD
  • Developing software, datasets and a modelling system for Great Britain
  • Using a physically based spatially distributed hydrological model (SHETRAN)
  • Developing a gridded hourly rainfall dataset
  • Extensive sensitivity testing of national modelling system
  • Assessment of model performance and relationship to catchment characteristics using affinity propagation clustering
  • Comparison to other national models
  • Climate change impact assessment using the UKCP09 weather generator
  • Improving the representation of groundwater within the framework
  • Project partners include BGS, EA, University of Zurich, University of Nottingham


  •  >£20,000 NERC knowledge exchange fund for analysis and development of a gridded hourly rainfall dataset
  • £2000 NERC public engagement award for science communication around climate change and flooding
  • £2000 award for public engagement from the Great North Museum 

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7471-9988 

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I am module leader for CEG8501 Quantative Methods for Engineers on the water related Master's courses at Newcastle University. I also lecture on CEG8525 Hydrological Processes and Data Analysis and CEG8526 Hydrosystems Modelling and Management.