School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Professor Enda O'Connell

Professor of Water Resources Engineering


Research Interests

Hydrology and water resources management; hydrological modelling; flood risk estimation and management; rainfall modelling; climate change impact assessment; earth systems engineering

Esteem Indicators


Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering

Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers

Member, Strategic Advisory Committee, IAHS Programme on Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB);

UK representative, IAHS Commission on Water Resource Systems;

Convener, IAHS Working Group on Theoretical Hydrology;

Editorial Board Member, Journal of River Basin Management;

Associate Editor, Journal of Forecasting;

Associate Editor, Journal of Water Resources Management;

Associate Editor, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering Division, ASCE;

Scientific Editor, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences;

Leading role in launching IAHS Decade on 'Prediction in Ungauged Basins'(2003-2012)



Is there a link between land use management and flooding? Invited paper, The McCulloch Symposium: A View from the Watershed, European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2006, Vienna, Austria, April 2006.

Land use management and flooding. Invited paper, UK-Japan Flooding
and Coastal Defenses Workshop, British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, February 2006.

Catchments as coupled human and natural systems. Invited paper, Conference on Integrated Assessment of Water Resources and Global Change: A North-South Analysis, Bonn, Germany. February 2005.

To what extent can we use meteorological ensembles to assess flood predictive uncertainty. Invited paper, European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. April 2005.

Physically-based modelling of the impacts of land use management on flood regimes. Keynote paper. Proc. of Advanced Research Workshop, NATO Science Programme, Moscow, Russia. September 2004.

International working group on catchment Hydrology and Sustainable management (INTER-CHASM). Keynote paper, IAHS PUB Workshop, Perth, Australia. February 2004.

Proposal for an international network of mesoscale catchments in support of prediction in ungauged basins (PUB). Invited paper. IUGG Assembly, Sapporo Japan, July 2003.

Indicators for Assessing Hydrological System Dynamics at Different Basin Scales. Invited Paper. International Workshop: Indicators and their Applications for River Basin Assessment (IARBA), Nairobi, Kenya. November 2003.

CHASM. Invited paper. FRIEND-Ecohydrology-Groundwatere-HELP-Isotope Applications in Hydrology, 1st Steering Committee Meeting, Freiburgh, Germany. June 2003.

The interfacing of the Integrated Science initiative with PUBs. Invited paper. FRIEND-Ecohydrology-Groundwatere-HELP-Isotope Applications in Hydrology, 1st Steering Committee Meeting, Freiburgh, Germany. June 2003.

Mesoscale catchment experiments in support of prediction in ungauged basins (PUB). Invited paper. EGS-AGU-EGU Joint Assembly, Nice, France. April 2003.

Catchment Hydrology and Sustainable Management (CHASM): An integrating methodological framework for prediction. Invited paper. PUBs Workshop Brasilia. November 2002.

Integrated River Basin Management: A socio-technical challenge. Keynote paper. Irish National Hydrology Seminar, Tullamore, Ireland. November 2002.

Indicators for Extreme Events (Floods and Droughts). Invited Paper. Workshop on Indicators for WWDR, Rome, Italy. February 2002.

Catchment Hydrology and Sustainable Management (CHASM): Generic experimental design for instrumenting mesoscale catchments. University of British Columbia (UBC) Scaling Workshop, Vancouver, Canada. May 2002.

Rainfall extremes, soil moisture and the shape of the flood frequency curve. Invited paper. EGS XXVII General Assembly Nice, France. April 2002.

POPSICLE (Climate scenarios for hydrological modeling in water resources assessment and management). Invited paper. MITCH Workshop, Floods, Droughts and Landslides Management in a Changing Climate. December 2001.

Catchment Hydrology and Sustainable Management (CHASM). Invited Paper. Workshop on Earth Systems Engineering: Toward Developing Sustainable Engineering Solutions in a Complex Natural World. University of Colorado, Colorado, USA. October 2001.

Integrated rainfall/rainfall runoff modelling for generating improved understanding of the factors controlling flood risk. Invited paper. EGSXXVI General Assembly, Nice, France. March 2001.


Impacts of land use management on flood generation: the current state of knowledge. Invited paper. 40th Defra Flood and Coastal Management Conference, University of York, UK. July 2005.

Catchment Experiments. Invited paper. British Hydrological Society (BHS) 21st Anniversary, Institution of Civil Engineers, London. November 2004.

LOCAR and CHASM: building the synergies. Invited paper. LOCAR Meeting Programme (NERC), Birmingham, UK. January 2003


Leader of Consortium established by EA/DEFRA to investigate a possible link between land use management and flooding (Project FD2114)

Leader of CHASM Consortium of Universities and Research Institutes which obtained £2M of JIF funding to instrument 4 mesoscale catchments in the UK (1998-2006)

Member, Consortium assembled by DEFRA/EA to prepare future research plan for Broad Scale Modelling to underpin Flood Risk Management (2006-7)

Regular Assessor for National and International chair appointments, award of DScs etc.

Consultant to Governments of Lesotho and South Africa in connection with dispute over royalties for large scale water transfers (1999-2000)

Consultant to UN World Water Assessment Programme (2002:UNESCO)


Consultant to leading UK consulting firms (eg Halcrow, Babtie etc) on projects covering water resources management, coastal management etc