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Staff Profile

Dr Geoffrey Parkin

Reader in Hydrology and Water Management



Geoff has been a member of academic staff in the Water Resources Systems Group in Civil Engineering since 1999, following a period as a researcher in the group. He has more than 30 years of  experience in modelling and field studies of integrated  groundwater/surface water systems, and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). He has developed and tested numerical methods and model software related to most parts of the water cycle, including atmospheric, surface water and groundwater models, and has applied models to water resources and land use applications in temperate, arid/semi-arid, and tropical climate zones. He has interests in sustainable development and Integrated Water Resources Management, working mostly in the Middle East but with experience in sub-saharan Africa, South America, and the Carribean.

Roles & Responsibilities

Degree Programme Director, MSc Hydrogeology and Water Management, MSc Hydrology and Climate Change, MSc Hydroinformatics, MSc Flood Risk Management

Joint Head (teaching) of Water Resources Group


PhD Water Resources Engineering (Newcastle University, 1996)
BSc Mathematics (Newcastle University, 1984,2(I))

Professional Memberships

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)

Fellow of the Geological Society

Member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (UK Chapter National Committee Member)

Member of the British Hydrological Society (ICE society)

Industrial Experience

Geoff has worked on major projects for industrial, government, and third sector clients in the UK and overseas. In the UK, these include a central role in the Biosphere research programme and Disposal Safety Assessment Team for UK Nirex Ltd in relation to development of a safety case for deep disposal of low and intermediate radioactive waste, and a number of hydrological studies for regional water companies, DEFRA, and for the Environment Agency.

Internationally, Geoff was project manager and modeler in the major 5-year DfID-funded project “Sustainable Management of the West Bank and Gaza Aquifers” (SUSMAQ), which followed an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach and included research components including regional climate modeling, rainfall assessment, recharge field studies and assessments, groundwater modelling of the transboundary Israeli-Palestinian aquifers, and socio-economic assessments, leading to evaluation of water resource management options and impacts. Geoff has acted as consultant to community based integrated watershed management programmes for the development charity Concern Worldwide, in Haiti and in Rwanda. Recently, he has been Consultant Water Resources Modeller on a project with the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), developing a water resources management planning model for the whole Nile basin and pilot application models to assess development scenarios for specific areas. The study includes representatives at technical and governmental levels from each of the Nile basin countries.


Research Interests

Geoff's interests in understanding and modelling catchment processes began with his PhD as one of the developers of the SHETRAN software model, a leading physically-based hydrological modelling system which has had worldwide application over the last 15 years. Following on from development of major catchment instrumentation and monitoring studies in the UK (the CHASM programme), he is now leading the climate/hydrology field monitoring and modelling aspects of an initiative at the Iwokrama International Centre, a forest reserve in Guyana, South America, aimed at sustainable forest management and assessment of water and carbon related forest ecosystem services.

His interests in water management have included high profile studies, including the DfID-funded project “Sustainable Management of the West Bank and Gaza Aquifers” (SUSMAQ) which provided capacity building for the Palestinian water sector and modelling of the transboundary (Israel-Palestine) Western Aquifer Basin, institutional analysis and water resources assessment of the endangered Lake Urmia in north-west Iran (one of the largest endorheic salt lakes on Earth), and recently development of a full model for the Nile basin, for use in transboundary water management between the 9 countries in the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI).

Postgraduate supervision

As 1st supervisor:
Sam Boyes (started 2010) Regional-scale investigation of land cover and hydroclimate relationships in an anthropogenically impacted tropical region
Vesna Tripkovitch (submitted 2011) Quantifying and upscaling surface and subsurface runoff and nutrient flows under climate variability
Manal Hatem-Mousallem (completed 2008) Integrated Water Resources Management in the Palestinian West Bank
Federico Fragala (completed 2008) Groundwater recharge through spatially heterogeneous drift deposits
Mahmoud Moustafa (completed 2005) Assessment of Permeable Reactive Barriers for treating spoil waste runoff
Joe Pollacco (completed 2005) Impact of afforestation on groundwater recharge
Khaled Rashed (completed 2003) Use of spring discharge data and modeling for management of karstic groundwater

As 2nd supervisor:
Ryan Pereira (started 2009) Hydrological and nutrient monitoring and modelling at the Iwokrama tropical rainforest, Guyana
Mukhtar Hashemi (submitted 2011) A Framework for Implementing the Integrated Water Resources Management Paradigm in Iran
Barrak Al-Dubaikhi (completed 2005) Groundwater optimization for dewatering applications
Barry Mayers (British Commonwealth Split-Site Scholarship, 2003-4) Management of saline coastal karstic groundwaters in Barbados using modeling and optimisation


Undergraduate Teaching

CEG8511 Groundwater Assessment (Stage 4) (40% and module leader)

Postgraduate Teaching

CEG8506 Hydrosystems Modelling (30% and module leader)
CEG8511 Groundwater Assessment (40% and module leader)
CEG8516 Groundwater Modelling (95% and module leader)
CEG8507 Borehole Design, Operation, and Maintenance (50% and module leader)
CEG8599 Dissertation in Water Resources (5% and module leader)
CEG8503/4 Hydrosystems, Processes and Management (10%)
CEG8106 Groundwater Contamination and Remediation (20%)