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Dr Harriet Grigg



Dr. Grigg studied Mechanical Engineering with Mathematical Modelling MEng at Newcastle University prior to obtaining a PhD in Mechanical Engineering for a thesis titled "The Principles and Practice of the Xylophone Bar Magnetometer" in 2014.  Subsequent to playing a key role in the development of highly novel biosensor technology as part of the DSAW project, Dr. Grigg achieved the rank of Lecturer with the School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering in September 2014.  

My vision is to be a leader in developing and integrating the new technologies that will drive the next generation of medical, industrial and consumer applications, encompassing conceptual development, mathematical modelling, mechanical design, optimisation, control,  microfluidics, systems engineering, advanced materials, and manufacturing.   I currently work as part of the MEMS and Sensors group at Newcastle, where we are developing and using cutting-edge theoretical expertise in wave propagation and numerical analysis in a diverse array of applications.  Current projects include development of shear-mode MEMS resonant biosensors; bioinspired robotics; noise mitigation in offshore pile driving; dynamics, applications and manufacturing of integrated spatiotemporally periodic systems; microfluidic integration of biosensor arrays; and the development of novel sense mechanisms based on mode localisation via symmetry breaking in periodic electromechanical structures.