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Dr Huashan Bao

Senior Research Associate


Huashan is a Research Associate in Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research. Her research interest is mainly on thermal energy storage and management, sorption cooling/heat pump, low grade heat utilisation, and energy related materials.

She is currently a Researcher Co-Investigator on the EPSRC project ‘Heat-STRESS’, and this project aims to determine the optimal design and effective thermal energy management so that thermal solar energy can be maximised throughout the year for space heating and hot water delivery by combining both daily based and seasonal-based storage. She was previously a Researcher Co-Investigator in the EPSRC project IDRIST, and the project looked at innovative energy storage processes and technologies in order to reduce energy demand for heating, cooling and electricity within industrial plants. She previously led the research in an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Seed Corn Funding project ‘Versatile electricity energy storage system using thermodynamic resorption and compressed ammonia technology’.


Ph.D.  Mechanical Engineering, Refrigeration and Cryogenics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (2007~2011)
B.Sc.  Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, China (2003~2007)

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Research Interests

Thermochemical sorption technology

Adsorption/absorption cooling/heat pump

Thermal energy storage

Renewable thermal energy and waste heat recovery

Power generation using low grade heat

Thermodynamic cycles

Ammonia storage and delivery

Current work

Tri-generation resorption energy storage system for cooling, heating and power generation

Solar energy seasonal storage based on thermochemical sorption and phase change material

Thermochemical sorption power generation

Adsorption/absorption heat pump

Ammonia storage and delivery for NOx reduction of diesel engine

Research funding

Heat-STRESS project (EPSRC EP/N02155X/1) £668,224

IDRIST project (EPSRC EP/M008088/1) £602,610

EPSRC IAA Seed Corn Funding project (EP/K503885/1) £10,000

LH-Cogen Project (EPSRC EP/1027904/1) £102,988


Energy storage device (thermochemical sorption storage system) WO2015118337A1

Energy storage system (thermochemical sorption storage system with updated heating process) WO2017118851A1


Lecturing 'Heat Pump' and 'Adsorption Cooling', in the module of SPG8028, REFLEX, Renewable Heating and Cooling.