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Dr Iain Evans

Senior Lecturer



After more than fifteen years as an international consultant working for Ove Arup and Partners in the UK, Germany, China and South east Asia, I returned to academia to teach and to study for my PhD. My teaching interests include product design, project management, system design and manufacturing. The majority of my teaching time is spent on individual and group projects which are mostly themed around renewable energy design, product design and commercial applications. My research has followed my passion for experimental work, measurement, materials and industrial applications.


Mechanical Engineering at Surrey University
Thick sandwich course - Carless Exploration - build and commission onshore oil platform,
Graduate Engineer - Arup - London
Fire Engineer - Arup Fire - London
Associate - Arup Industrial - Hong Kong/Germany/London
Associate Director - Arup - Hong Kong, China, Japan, Phillippines, Korea, Singapore, UK.

Roles and Responsibilities

During my industrial career, I was responsible for securing and delivering multi-million dollar, multi-disciplinary projects across the UK and much of south-east Asia, working for blue chip clients in industrial and commercial sectors. I was the Principal Design Engineer for major industrial projects providing cross-discipline coordination and project management. To achieve some of the projects within the commercial time constraints, I established and managed teams working over three continents providing 24x7x365 project delivery. I have direct Design and Project Management experience in major manufacturing industries including: automotive, oil and gas, food and drink, micro-electronics, power generation, water treatment and domestic chemicals. As part of the development of projects I provided specialist design for tunnel ventilation, clean rooms, laboratories and associated utilities and balance of plant. Other specialist areas included Fire Engineering where I was responsible for Fire Safety Design and Implementation, including developmenet of primary analysis tools. As part of an international team I was also responsible for design and delivery of Mission Critical Facilities for banking sector clients across south-east Asia and Europe.


B.Eng (hons)


Previous Positions

Associate Director - Ove Arup and Partners


Member - Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Former Member - Hong Kong Institute of Engineers and Registered Professional Engineer

Honours and Awards

Instron design Prize - 1984


French - beginners
German - beginners

Informal Interests

Private pilot and former RAF graded motor-glider instructor
Martial arts instructor
Historic weapons manufacture and training
Re-enactment of Viking period
Traditional crafts - ferrous and non-ferrous metal working, machining, leatherwork and shoemaking, woodwork and turning, pottery, glassworking, jewellery, blacksmithing.

Historic properties, social history, renovation, conservation.

Wildlife monitoring and conservation.


Research Interests

My fascination with predicting and measuring processes and related experimental work, particularly in challenging environments or with limited resources, was a common theme in my former industrial career and this has continued into all aspects of my research. As a commercial engineer, I achieved significant cost-savings and advances in system designs, manufacturing quality and productivity. In my research, I have developed, and continue to explore, novel approaches to measurement and experimentation, particularly where a long-term commercial benefit is evident.

The most recent developments in challenging measurements is to assess the behaviour of novel bone cements in strong oscillating magnetic fields, such as MRI environments. With applications in orthopaedic and dental surgery as well as non-invasive hyperthermic cancer treatment, the potential of this work has attracted clinical and commercial interest. Related materials research into next generation low-cost, high-volume electronic device packaging with ten-fold improvements in heat transfer and 100-fold increase in data transfer has been the subject of even greater commercial interest and research funding applications. The potential for significant power savings, advanced power control and smaller device packages will support sustainable power generation, advances in electric vehicles as well as sustainable lighting for the next decade

My PhD involved the development and clinical testing of an affordable, novel rehabilitation measurement device to support children with traumatic brain injuries and Cerebral Palsy. I maintain an interest in the field of rehabilitation measurement.

The measurement of impacts, primarily on human bone and tissue. is a very immature area and I have started to investigate this. In the absence of suitable artificial bone, and with limited resources, I am developing new simulated bone materials to form representative bone segments so that reliable testing can be carried out.

I have maintained a lifelong interest in sustainable energy sources and related engineering challenges, focusing on the potential for mass-deployed, small-scale domestic systems and devices. Progress to date within teaching projects has provided useful insights into commercial delivery routes as part of the opportunities afforded by micro-generation and smart grids.

Postgraduate Supervision

PGT - Renewable energy systems - wind, water, solar, biomass.

PGR - Co-supervision of two PhD students investigating: use of novel ceramics in hyperthermic treatment of cancer and advanced materials for dental implants

Industrial Relevance

The potential of advanced materials based on the unique properties ceramics, glasses and glass-ceramics is largely unexploited. This is a rapidly developing field with multiple, unrelated applications from medical devices to electric aero-engines. The challenges in developing, characterising and producing materials to meet existing demand are significant and the commercial value for future products is unlimited.

The benefits of long-term rehabilitation are well documented. Unfortunately, current health care systems do not support long-term rehabilitation due to cost and/or supply of therapist. The proposed rehabilitation measurement system is a form of therapy which provides immediate and graded feedback to patients, therapist and carers.

Micro-generation and harvesting are now becoming popular as the electronics to optimise this become readily available and demand grows for diverse and reliable sustainable energy sources to supplement battery and grid power sources. The potential of smart micro-grids is beginning to become evident and I have maintained a series of student projects in support of this.

Impact measurement and assessment have been dominated by military and vehicle applications although there is growing interest in sports and rehabilitation engineering. The limited availability of low-cost simulated materials and equipment for assessing impacts on limbs, etc, currently restricts applied research into domestic impacts such as slips, trips and falls, particularly in the older and/or vulnerable population.


Measurement, demanding environment, experimental design

Advanced ceramics, glasses, glass-ceramics

Rehabilitation, cerebral palsy, assessment, domestic application.

Renewable energy, domestic scale, wind, hydro, solar, thermo-electric, micro-harvesting, smart micro-grids.

Impact, human tissue, simulated materials, older people.


Module Leader:

  • MEC 3017 - Managing Engineering Operations (from 2012-2016)
  • MEC 3018 - Design for Industry (from 2012-2016)
  • MEC 3098 - Stage 3 Individual Projects (from 2012-2016)
  • MEC 8099 - Stage 4 Team Projects (from 2012-2016)

Undergraduate Teaching:

  • MEC 1010 - Integrated Design and Manufacturing
  • MEC 2001 - Materials
  • MEC 3017 - Managing Engineering Operations
  • MEC 3018 - Design for Industry group projects
  • MEC 3096 - Stage 3 Individual projects
  • MEC 8023 - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
  • MEC 8099 - Stage 4 Group projects

Postgraduate Teaching:

  • MEC 8095 - MSc Individual projects
  • MEC 8025 - MSc Mechatronics
Co-supervision of Formula Student Racing Team - more than 40 students across the Faculty. This is an international engineering challenge to develop and race an all-electric car.