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John Nwobu

KTP Associate (redT Energy)


I am with the Electrical Power Research Group and the Energy Systems Power Systems subgroup with research interests  in power and energy networks, hybrid energy storage, power/energy optimization. I am received my PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2016, which mainly focused on power electronic modular inverters for reactive power compensation and High voltage DC (HVDC) systems.


Currently, I am in the energy systems field and the project lead on a hybrid energy storage system for UK flow machine technology provider RedT energy. This looks at combining this long duration, energy intensive flow battery alongside a short duration, power intensive, energy storage technology such as lead acid, lithium battery or super capacitor, utilizing the individual energy and power strengths of these hybrid complimentary technologies to offer a full range of energy storage systems to serve the entire market. This project is in close partnership with the Centre for Energy Systems integration (CESI) at Newcastle University and sponsored by the KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) Innovate UK, EPSRC and RedT energy UK.


Area of expertise

Energy systems. Power electronics


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