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Dr Jun Luo

Research Associate


Dr Jun wen Luo holds an MSc in Automation and Control from the Newcastle University and did his PhD in Biomedical Engineering under Patrick Degenaar and Alex Yakovlev in Newcastle University. Currently he is a research associate in CANDO project. Before that, he was a visiting academic at Massachusetts Institute of Technology at 2010-2011, and was a Research Assistant at City University of Hong Kong at 2013. He main research areas are neuromorphic circuits design, spiking neural network modelling and neuroprosthesis.

Areas of expertise

Neuromorphic circuits design
Spiking neural network modelling

Brain-machine interface


Lab demonstrator:


EEE2007 Coursework

EEE8073 Coursework

EEE8076 Coursework


EEE2007 Coursework

EEE8073 Coursework

EEE8076 Coursework