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Dr Kelly Kousi

Research Associate


Kelly finished her studies in Chemistry at the University of Patras in 2011. In 2013, she obtained a Master’s degree in Research also at the department of Chemistry in Patras, with a focus on ‘Catalysis for Environmental Protection and Clean Energy Production’. She completed her joint PhD from the department of Chemistry and the department of Chemical Engineering three years later, in 2016. Her thesis was on ‘Catalytic Systems for Biomass Reforming to H2 and Synthesis Gas’. She worked as post-doctoral research associate at the department of Chemical Engineering for one year under the supervision of Prof. X.Verykios. During this time her research was funded by HELBIO (development, design and commercialization of hydrogen, electricity and heat production systems using fuel cells) and involved around catalysts in LPG running engines.


Kelly joined The Application of Ion Transport Group at Newcastle University as a post-doctoral research associate in April 2017. She is currently working on chemical looping and oxidative catalysis processes.


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