School of Engineering

Staff Profile

Dr Khalid Zakaria

Senior Research Associate



2010 – 2013:  PhD Environmental Engineering (Newcastle University): Industrial Wastewater Treatment Using Electrochemically Generated Ozone

2008 – 2009: MSc Environmental Engineering (Newcastle University)

2004 – 2005 PG Diploma Environmental Engineering (Baath University)

1999 – 2004 BEng Civil Engineering (Baath University)

Khalid Zakaria is an environmental engineer with great interest in Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP’s) for water and wastewater treatment and especially the industrial wastewater. The electrochemical removal of pollutant is one of the main interests in addition to electrochemical ozone generation.  In his PhD, he developed a novel electrode with outstanding service life for electrochemical generation of ozone and used it to remove dyes from synthetics industrial wastewater, in addition to ozonation, UV irradiation and combinations. He did some work on the water disinfection as well.

He is currently working on energy conversion, Hydrogen generation. Fuel cells can generate electrisity that can be used to power the Hydrogen generation. Alcohol fuel cell and alcohol electro-reformer are currently investigated by Khalid 

The Main Research Interests:

Fuel Cells (Alcohol Fuel Cells)

Hydrogen Generation

Industrial water/wastewater treatment

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Electrochemical ozone generation

Electrochemical water/wastewater treatment

Ozonation of water disinfection and wastewater treatment

UV irradiation to treat water/wastewater

Lithium Ion Batteries

Sustainable water/wastewater treatment

Work Experiences:

2017- Current: Senior Research associate, School of Engineering, Newcastle university

2015 – 2017: Research Associate (Bright Ideas), Civil Engineering and Geosciences School, Newcastle University

2014 – 2015: Quality Assurance Engineer, Nissan Manufacturing Battery Plant

2010-2014: Demonstrator/Teacher Assistant, Newcastle University