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Dr Myra Giesen

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Previous Positions

  • 2017-18   Research Impact Development Officer, School of Engineering, Newcastle University
  • 2015-16   Development Officer, Learning and Teaching Development Service, Newcastle University
  • 2006-16   Lecturer, ICCHS and/or HCA, Newcastle University
  • 2008-13   Academic Tutor/Lecturer, University of Sunderland
  • 1995-06   Physical Anthropologist, US Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation)
  • 2001        Guest Lecturer, Newcastle University
  • 1995        Instructor, Baker University
  • 1994-13   Adjunct Faculty, Department of Anthropology, University of Kansas
  • 1994-95   Archaeologist, Reclamation
  • 1993-94   Research Technician II, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • 1993        Certified K-12 Substitute Teacher, Tucson Unified School District
  • 1990-92   Graduate Research Assistant, Ohio State University (OSU)
  • 1992        Contractor, US Corps of Engineers
  • 1990        Research Assistant, Peabody Museum, Harvard University
  • 1990        Contractor, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)
  • 1989-92   Contractor, Archaeological Data Services
  • 1989-90   Staff Osteologists, OSU Excavations at Isthmia
  • 1987-92   Teaching Associate, OSU
  • 1987-92   Contractor, Franklin County Coroner's Office in Ohio
  • 1987        Field Archaeologist, ODOT
  • 1987        Teaching Assistant, OSU
  • 1985-87   Contractor, Sedgwick County Coroner's Office in Kansas
  • 1985        Research Assistant, Wichita State University (WSU)
  • 1984-85  Teaching Assistant, WSU


I am putting my anthropological skills to work in my current position. I am researching cultural factors and perceptions that influence globally increasing antibiotic resistance (AR). In my newest project, I am developing a survey to quantifying knowledge, attitutes and practices around AR causes, spread, and mitigation actions. In another project, I am focusing on the range of cultural and personal variables influencing defecation practices, linking them and other contributing factors to toilet use in SE Asia. Using World Bank/WHO/UNICEF data, we intend to provide decision-makers options for prioritising AR mitigation interventions.