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Dr Paul Goodman

Researcher in Transport and the Environment



I joined the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences in September 2010 to work on the environmental appraisal of transport options on the UK EPSRC-funded ReVISIONS ( project, and the development of a city-wide carbon footprint for Leicester, UK, as part of the SUE 4M project ( Previously, I have worked on a number of transport and environment related projects, primarily within the fields of acoustics and local air-quality issues, both across the UK and Europe - including work on harmonising standards for enviromental noise assessment in the EU as part of the IMAGINE consortium (

More recently I've been involved with assessing the perfomance of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) as part of the EU-funded COMPASS4D project (, looking at the enviromental impacts arising from traffic-related impacts of unconventional hydrocarbon exploitation (i.e. 'Fracking') as part of the M4ShaleGas ( and ReFINE (

Currently I'm working with a UK-Indian consortium on exploring policy intervention options to improve air quality in New Delhi, India, as part of CADTIME (

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Researcher on the CADTIME (Clean Air for Delhi Through Interventions, Mitigations and Engagement) Project.
  • Developer (C ) of the PITHEM and UHTIM models (
  • Co-Supervision of PhD students - recent topics include: urban air quality and environmental justice, public acceptance of shared-space schemes and the use of pervasive wireless sensors to monitor noise.
  • Supervision of masters students - recent topics include the spatial layout of electric vehicle charging facilities, the evaluation of microsimulation models, and the modelling of shared space via agent-based modelling.   

Areas of expertise

  • Road Traffic and Environmental Pollution (Noise, Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases) Modelling


  • Ph.D "Prediction of Road Traffic Noise in Urban Areas", Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, 2001.

Previous Positions

  • Research Fellow, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, 1998 - 2010.

Honours and Awards

  • Joint winner of the 1998 Smeed Prize for best student paper, 30th UTSG Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

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Environmental acoustics, Vehicle and transport-related emissions, Local air-quality issues, Carbon footprinting, Cleaner fuelled and electric vehicles.


Lecturer and demonstrator on CEG8405 : 'Air pollution'.

Lecturer and demonstrator on CEG8409 : 'Traffic and Environment Management for Sustainability'.

Lecturer on CEG8418 : 'Transport Policy and Legislation'.

Lecturer on CEG8422 : 'Intelligent Transport Systems'.

Lecturer and demonstrator on CEG8426 : 'Economic and Environmental Appraisal of Transport Activities'.