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Ridoy Das

Research Associate


I am a Research Associate in power systems and Smart grids. My research interests includes optimisation, game-theory, multi-agent systems, electric vehicles, energy management and renewable energy. I am working for the Innovate UK e4Future project to develop management strategies for integrating electric vehicles in power systems. I am working with The Alan Turing Institute to develop data centred platforms for facilitating the utilisation of electric vehicles as an interconnected and flexible energy asset.


My principal research area is optimisation applied in the power system context. I have experience in linear, non-linear, convex and non-convex optimisation techniques, including meta-heuristic and machine learning algorithms. These topics are complemented by my interest in game theory, multi-agent systems and renewable energy integration.


I have experience in delivering lectures and seminars for undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

1) Smart Grids and power systems

2) Design of lighting systems in buildings


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