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Sana Ullah

Research Assistant


I am an electrical machine design engineer. In my PhD, I worked on the designing of fault tolerant permanent magnet assisted switched reluctance machine used for the nose-wheel steering system of an aeroplane. Currently I am working on two projects as a research assistant. 

1) The first project is about the designing and simulation of the electrical machines for a High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS). The project is funded by Airbus Europe.  Three different machines will be designed and optimised for Zephyr S and Zephyr T models. The future work will include the building and testing of these machines.

2) The second project is about the designing of an 80 KW integrated drive machine for automotive applications. The project theme is Next Generation Integrated Drive funded by EPSRC. The work includes optimisation of the machine at the base speed and peak speed. The future work will include building and testing of the machine with integrated power electronics.

Areas of expertise

Electrical machines design engineer