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Dr Xiaodong Ming

Research Associate



I am an early career researcher with a multidisciplinary background including Geography, GIS, Hydrodynamic Modelling, and Disaster Risk Science. During my PhD research, I have developed a quantitative risk assessment framework for multi-hazard floods by combining statistical methods with physically-based flood models. I have also built a real-time flood and risk forecasting system based on numeric weather predictions and a 2D hydrodynamic model to provide high-resolution (in meter-scale) flood depth, velocity, and damage forecasts in both residential and non-residential areas covering a whole catchment. I have contributed to the development of an advanced 2D hydrodynamic modelling system (HiPIMS), conceived training materials of it, and delivered practical training to PhD students and researchers who applied HiPIMS in their research projects. I am publishing my research in leading journals (Water Resources Research, Advances in Water Resources). I am an enthusiastic team player and also capable of independent research.


2007 - 2011: Bachelor in Geography, Hubei University, Wuhan, China
2011 - 2014: MSc. in Natural Disaster, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
2014 - 2019: PhD, School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK


2018 - present: Research Assistant, School of Engineering, Newcastle University, UK


My research interests include disaster risk analysis, multi-hazard risk assessment, hydrodynamic modelling, and flood forecasting.