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Dr Yiji Lu



Oct/2012-Jan/2016      PhD, Energy, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research, Newcastle University, UK 

Sep/2011-Sep/2012     MPhil, Institute for Sustainability, Newcastle University, UK  

Sep/2007-Jul/2011       BEng. School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China 


Yiji is responsible for carrying out modelling and analysis of dynamic systems and experimental research in the field of thermal energy systems. Yiji obtained his B. Eng at Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) in 2011 and his final thesis has been awarded as ‘distinction’, which is only about 5% students can achieve that grade. Yiji conducted MPhil in 2012 and obtained a very competitive EPSRC PhD studentship at Newcastle University. His PhD thesis focuses on the development of an innovative thermal energy system converting low grade heat into power and refrigeration. Yiji has been granted a prestigious Chinese Government Award from China Scholarship Council (CSC) in May 2016 by the Chinese Ambassador in UK. Since 2011, Yiji has successfully designed, constructed and tested four test benches (small scale Organic Rankine cycle rig for engine waste heat recovery, dynamic adsorption/desorption performance rig using low grade heat for upgraded heat and refrigeration, scroll expander/compressor performance rig, thermal conductivity rig)  

Yiji has published about 40 articles in high quality journals and peer-reviewed conference articles. His research interests include but not limited to advanced waste heat recovery technologies, engine thermal management, chemisorption cycles and expansion machines for power generation system. He has been regularly invited to review the manuscripts for the scientific journals including Applied Energy, Applied Thermal Engineering, Energy (the international Journal), and Energy for Sustainable Development.  In August 2017, Yiji has been invited as session chair at the 9th International Conference on Applied Energy. 

Since 2015, Yiji has supervised four MSc students (two as the main supervisor) for the final project and he is currently co-supervising a PhD student in the School of Engineering on the topic of heat driven cooling and power system. He regularly attended conferences, presented at seminars and organised events for the School. He has supported two Chinese students for the application of fully sponsored PhD studentship from CSC and both of them have been granted the studentship and currently conducting their PhD degree at NU. In September 2017-South Africa, he worked as a committee member to coordinate the smoothly operating of the UK-Kenya-South Africa Trilateral workshop. 


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Awarded ‘The 2015 National Award for Outstanding Self-financed (non-government sponsored) Chinese Students Study Abroad’ by China Scholarship Council.

Research Activities

Apr/2016-                    Main researcher, Royal society (IE/151256), Scroll-type energy regeneration and waste heat recovery system for vehicles

Sep/2016-Mar/2017   Main researcher, EPSRC Prosperity Outcomes Award 2016, Feasibility study of carbon based Nano-materials to Enhance heat transfer and efficiency for chemisorption cooling and power Cogeneration system (NE-Cogen)

Mar/2015-Jan/2017   Main researcher, EPSRC (EP/K503885/1-IAA), Study of Engine Waste Heat Recovery technologies

Oct/2015-Dec/2015   Participant, Sponsored by Institution of Chemical Engineers through IChemE Awards 2015, Multifunctional concentrated solar adsorption for food preservation

Apr/2012-Mar/2013   Participant, EPSRC funded, Theme 3: Low grade heat driven cogeneration of power and cooling, Global Secure (EP/K004689/1)

Dec/2011-Feb/2014  Participant, EPSRC funded, LH Cogen: Low grade heat driven adsorption linear expander cycle for cogeneration of power and refrigeration (EP/I027904/1)

Mar/2011-Dec/2011  Participant, Marie Curie Fellowship project, A new type adsorption-resorption cycle for the combined power generation and refrigeration driven by low grade heat (Project No: 253106)

Sep/2012-Jul/2015  Teaching assistant, School of Mechanical & Systems Engineering, Newcastle University

Sep/2009-Jun/2011 Teaching assistant, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Student Supervision

Mar/2016-                 Co-supervisor for a PhD student, Title: Low-Grade Heat driven adsorption cooling and power system, Sir Joseph SWAN Centre for Energy Researcy, Newcastle University

Feb/2017-Aug/2017  Main supervisor for MSc final project, Title: Study of engine heat driven Organic Rankine cycle, School of Mechanical and systems engineering, Newcastle University

Jan/2016-Jun/2016  Main supervisor for MSc final project, Title: Design and optimization of a 15kW scroll expander-School of Mechanical and systems engineering, Newcastle University

Jan/2015-Jun/2015  Co-supervisor for MSc final project, Title: Solar Organic Rankine cycle using scroll expander-School of Mechanical and systems engineering, Newcastle University

Jan/2015-Jun/2015  Co-supervisor for MSc final project, Title: Modeling of scroll expander for Organic Rankine cycle using R245fa, Newcastle University