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Dr Zhiwei Ma

Research Associate


Zhiwei joined Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research in Dec 2014 as a Research Associate. He works mainly on areas of thermal energy storage and low-grade heat utilization, including the technologies of phase change materials, adsorption, absorption, liquid desiccant, etc.

Current Position: Research Associate, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research, Newcastle University

Previous Position: Research Associate,  Composite Systems Innovation Centre, Sheffield University


2006-2012, PhD, MSc, Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

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Research Interests:

Thermal energy storage

Renewable thermal energy

Low-grade heat power generation

Thermodynamic cycles

Current Works:

Thermo-chemical long-term thermal energy storage

Phase change material

Solar energy storage and utilization

Ad/absorption power generation

High temperature heat pump

Ejection refrigeration

Recent funds:

Heat-STRESS project (EPSRC EP/N02155X/1 )


SPG8028, REFLEX, Renewable Heating and Cooling