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Electrical and Electronic Engineering: MEng (Hons)

MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial Project

My key reason for choosing Newcastle University was that it had sponsorship opportunities with many large companies. I managed to secure a sponsorship with Siemens through the E3 Academy.

About me

I enjoy reading books and watching films. My favourite genre is science fiction. I also love to eat and experience foods from different cultures. To compensate for my love of food, I also try to stay fit by going to the gym regularly and cycling to and from University when the weather permits.

A main interest of mine is the design of electrical machines. This had a huge impact on my Individual Project and Dissertation, which was the design of a permanent magnet motor for the Formula Student electric racing car. This gave me the opportunity to learn electric machine design techniques that can be used in real-world industry.

Choosing Newcastle

I may be biased as I am a Geordie but nonetheless, Newcastle University has a campus at the heart of a beautiful city. The University also has a great reputation for world-class research. My key reason for choosing Newcastle University was that it had sponsorship opportunities with many large companies. I managed to secure a sponsorship with Siemens through the E3 Academy.

I chose to study at this School because there are great job prospects. Electrical and electronic engineers are in high demand because this is an aging industry which needs more young people with innovative ideas.

Recommending Newcastle

The quality of education at Newcastle University is excellent and attracts many employers. It is one of the top 20 “most targeted” universities and could help you secure your ideal job. There is a Careers Service which offers advice on your possible career options and helps you identify your goals.

Studying at Newcastle

You get one of best student experiences available, educationally and socially. You can’t spend your entire student life studying, and there is no better place to unwind than Newcastle because the nightlife and social scene is immense.

The MEng programme offers an industrial placement in your final year of university. This gives you valuable experience in applying for jobs and working on a real engineering problem. It also gives you the opportunity to build a network of contacts in the industry.

Living in Newcastle

I am a local student and I spent my first year of university living from home and commuting. I moved into a flat in West Jesmond in my following university years with friends I made during my first year of study. The best thing about living in West Jesmond is that it’s close to the city centre and it has a large student population.

Getting involved

There is a huge variety of sports teams and societies for people to join at Newcastle University. Unfortunately I haven’t taken full advantage of this benefit, but there is something for everyone out there.

Top tips

When selecting modules it is very important to read the outline of the syllabus so that you pick modules that you are genuinely interested in and will enjoy. Some specialised modules for fourth year students also require prerequisite modules, which is another key aspect to base your decisions on if you’re a MEng student.

Students are here to learn and lecturers are here to teach, so if you don’t understand something you should ask questions. I understand that it can be daunting to speak up in front of an entire lecture theatre but it is pointless sitting quietly confused for the rest of the lecture. Often other people are in the same situation as you, and lecturers are more than happy to help.

Remembering Newcastle

I really enjoyed going to the end-of-year ball that was organised by Shocksoc (the course society). Other people from outside of the Society could also attend, so you could have a great night with your course mates and friends from outside the course. It was nice for everyone to dress up for the occasion and have fun.

Future plans

I plan to start a graduate scheme at Siemens as this is my sponsoring company. This company is responsible for a range of technologies and I will be based in the Process Industries and Drives division.

Natalie: Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industrial Project MEng (Hons)