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Surveying and Mapping Science: BSc (Hons)

The facilities here are amazing, giving support where needed and allowing students to reach their full potential.

Choosing Newcastle

For me, Newcastle University is the best institution in the UK for my degree so it was a no-brainer. It is one of the leading universities in the UK in terms of research and always finishes high up the university rankings.

The facilities here are amazing, giving support where needed and allowing students to reach their full potential.

Not only that, but being from Newcastle myself, I already knew how incredible the city is to live in. The nightlife here is amazing, it is a very cheap place to live, and everything that you could possibly want from a city is a short walk from the campus. The city is set up for students, which to me was a major selling point.

About your course

I enjoy the practical, hands-on aspect of my degree the most. The numerous opportunities to use equipment and get out into the field really appeals to me, as this is what I’ll be doing once I graduate. I would say that the field course modules are the culmination of all this. These allow the students to get out there into the field and tackle a real-life problem as would be done in the industry. This gives an amazing insight into what kind of work you could be doing after you graduate. As well as this, the field courses are a good laugh and bring you closer to everyone else on the course and the lecturers.

What do you think of the teaching quality on your course?

The teaching quality on my course is high, as was shown by the number of nominations my school got within the Teaching Excellence Awards. The lecturers engage  with the students during lectures and practicals, and are always available to help with course work and revision if needed. The amount of contact time that I have on my course is high, but this allows me to get the best out of my degree and ensure that I have all the knowledge required to become employable after I graduate.

Recommending Surveying and Mapping Science

Personally, the fact that the course is such a small one is one of the main selling points. This means that it is possible to get to know everyone on the course quite well and that the lecturers know everyone on an individual basis. You’ll become a close knit group and you’ll have a great group of friends for the rest of your life. Furthermore, the amount of contact time, both in lectures and practical, is very useful as it means that you are getting your money’s worth. The course is demanding but is very rewarding.

Finally, the employment opportunities after graduation are incredible. There is a lot of networking events throughout the year, and from these it is possible to see the wide variety of jobs that you will be qualified for after graduating.

Living in Newcastle

I enjoy the vibrant nightlife the best. Newcastle is regularly voted as the best night out in the UK and one of the best in the world; and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. However, there is a lot more to the city than just drinking. There are numerous activities around the city during the day, including a host of museums and art galleries. And although the prospect of playing in the Championship is dire, St James’ Park is located in the centre of the city, where you can watch Newcastle United play.

The city itself is very compact, meaning that everything is only a short walk away, which is beneficial as it saves money on transport. Newcastle itself is a very cheap place to live too, meaning that overall Newcastle is the best student city in the UK.

Getting involved

There are a wide variety of societies out there to join; no matter what it is you want to do, there will be a society for it. And on the off chance that there isn’t one, the University will help you set it up for the benefit of others too! Personally I am only a member of the society which sets up the socials, balls and trips for my school. However, I know people who are members of other societies and they rave about them constantly. The societies here are cheap and easy to join, and anyone can join them. In addition to this, the amount of involvement you have in these societies is entirely up to you (on the whole!). So if you don’t have the time to participate, then you don’t have to.

Student accommodation

I lived in Windsor Terrace during my first year at Newcastle, which is one of the cheaper halls close to campus. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there as it gave me the chance to experience living independently for the first time, with others who are in exactly the same boat. I made a load of friends whom I still keep in regular contact with, and had a lot of fun.

Windsor Terrace is great due to its proximity to the main university campus, meaning that I could get up 30 minutes before my lecture and still have time to shower, get ready, eat and make it there on time. The halls themselves have a very homely feel; it isn’t just one long corridor with rooms coming off it. This allows for a lot of communal time.

Managing my money

For student finance, it is definitely important to register as soon as possible. This saves rushing around at the last minute trying to get it done and will ensure that the loans come in on time. I know a lot of people who left it too late and had their loans come in late. Also, if there is any problems, don’t be afraid to ring them up and enquire as they will do their best to help.

In terms of budgeting, it is obviously important to be careful with your money so that you don’t end up with none by the end of term. However, for most people, university is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so make the most of it!

Future plans

After I graduate I intend to work in the industry as a surveyor, though I have no job lined up yet. Newcastle University has helped me with that through the large amount of networking that I have done; gaining contacts in the industry and developing my knowledge of what is necessary to work in the industry. In addition to this, the Careers Service at Newcastle University have really helped me develop my CV through a personal appointment, and my cover letter writing skills through workshops. There is a lot more available to help get the best out of your skills and it is all free to use.