School of Engineering



Surveying and Mapping Science: BSc (Hons)

The ratio between outdoor and indoor practical work compared to classroom based lectures is great.

Choosing Newcastle

It was one of the few Universities in the UK that offered a degree in land surveying. The employment statistics for graduates were positive and really high, and from my research I found that the University had a good reputation and Newcastle is a great city to live and study in, with the University at the heart of it.

Choosing the course

The number of students on the course ensures that the lecturers know you by name after the first few weeks of Stage 1. This makes the teaching experience a lot more personal and enjoyable as you don’t just feel like another number. The high number of contact hours within the course also makes you feel like you are getting a better student experience.

The ratio between outdoor and indoor practical work and classroom based lectures is great. There were a couple of modules I really enjoyed, especially the maths modules. They are taught by lecturers from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, who explain things in a way which make it really easy to understand. But overall, the Observation Processing and Analysis module in Stage 2 has probably been the most enjoyable so far.

Living in Newcastle

It’s a small city that feels like a big town. Everywhere can be easily accessed by bicycle. With the University being located in the centre of the city, any accommodation will be within an easy commute. The Metro makes getting about easy, and day trips to places like Tynemouth and Durham are also a stone’s throw away.

Clubs and Societies

When I first saw the list of potential clubs and societies, I wanted to join about five different clubs, but I settled for the triathlon club. The triathlon club was a good compromise; you could do three sports, and they trained every day, allowing you to take part whenever your schedule allowed.


I lived in Bowsden Court in South Gosforth, which about a two minute walk from the Metro station. It is about a 15-minute cycle, 40-minute walk, or six-minute Metro ride from the University. There are numerous supermarkets, restaurants and cafes close by, which is really handy.

Career Aspirations

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialise in within the field of geomatics once I graduated. However, during my second year, a couple of engineering surveyors from Skanska came to the University and gave a presentation of what they do. I then applied for a summer placement with Skanska as an intern engineering surveyor, working on the A14 road improvement scheme between Cambridge and Huntingdon. After the summer placement, I was offered a job as a graduate engineering surveyor, which I will be starting in September 2018.