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Surveying and Mapping Science: BSc (Hons)

The high academic quality of the course is very evident, yet the staff are still very approachable, friendly and willing to help.

Why did you choose this programme of study?

I chose to study surveying and mapping science because I’m fascinated by geography. I also wanted to pursue a career in a field that would allow me to be outdoors and travel instead of sitting at a desk all day.

Tim: Surveying and Mapping Science BSc (Hons)

What did you study prior to this? Why did you choose this area of study?

After finishing high school in the US, I wasn’t sure exactly what or where I wanted to study for my degree. I decided to study in France for a year to experience living abroad and to learn a foreign language. I lived with a host family and studied French at the University of Bordeaux. It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience.

Did you work in industry prior to your studies? If yes, what did you do? How is your experience aiding your studies?

Last summer, I worked for a land surveying firm in the US. I helped carry out a variety of surveys, mainly cadastral but also topographic and building. This really helped me to become familiar with surveying techniques and the instruments. It’s certainly made my studies at Newcastle University easier. It's also helped me to feel confident that I picked the right programme of study.

Why did you choose Newcastle University and not another institution? Which other institutions did you consider?

I chose Newcastle University because they offer an industry-accredited course that focuses specifically on surveying. They’re also a member of the Russell Group and have performed well in many university rankings.

I also considered courses offered by RMIT in Melbourne, UNSW in Sydney and University of Victoria in British Columbia. They were either significantly more expensive or didn’t offer the exact course I wanted.

Having gone through the process of applying to study an undergraduate programme, what information did you find useful?

The University website was full of helpful information on entry requirements, deadlines, course details, tuition fees, and employment prospects. The admissions staff were also very helpful, responding to specific questions.

The UCAS website has a lot of helpful tips on writing your personal statement and submitting the application itself.

Would you recommend Newcastle University? Why?

I’d absolutely recommend it. The high academic quality of the course is very evident, yet the staff are still very approachable, friendly and willing to help. The student life is incredible and it’s so easy to make friends, whether through your course or through student activities.

What support did you get from the University when you applied? If support was limited, what do you feel would have helped you?

Since I had foreign qualifications when applying, I had to email the admissions team to ask if I met the entry requirements. The staff replied quickly and were very helpful. I was also in contact with University staff about immigration, housing and finances. Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and answered all my questions quickly.

Have you received any scholarships or bursaries? How did you apply for them? How have they helped you?

I received the:

  • Newcastle University Surveying and Mapping International Excellence Scholarship
  • Newcastle University USA Undergraduate Scholarship.

I found out about them on the University website.

The International Excellence Scholarship didn’t need a separate application. I had to fill out a short application for the USA Undergraduate Scholarship with a short essay.

I’m very grateful to have received these two scholarships as they reduced my tuition fees by a large amount.

What have you enjoyed most about studying at Newcastle University so far?

What I’ve enjoyed most is meeting new people and making friends, whether it be my course mates, my flatmates, fellow society members or just on a night out. Everyone is so friendly and open-minded.

In my programme, I really enjoy the practicals. It gives me a chance to put the theory into practice; I feel like that’s when I truly learn the skills.

What are you passionate about in your area of study?

I love the outdoor aspect of my course. It certainly beats sitting in lecture halls all week. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I also enjoy the precision and attention to detail that surveying and mapping requires. There is also a lot of room for creativity since map-making is somewhat of an art.

What have you enjoyed most about living in Newcastle?

Newcastle is an amazing city. It’s hard to be bored because there is always something going on. I love the nightlife, the friendly locals, the beautiful architecture, the beach, the compact city centre, the low cost of living ... everything!

Which accommodation are you staying in?

I’m staying in Windsor Terrace and I really like it. I get along well with all my flatmates. It’s right by the campus and the Philip Robinson Library. The bedrooms and common area are big and comfortable, the rent is affordable, and it has just the right amount of partying. I highly recommend it.

What support have you had?

Central Services have helped me a lot with my finances since I receive loans from the US government to cover my tuition. They’ve also helped me to get documents that I’ve needed and have answered my accommodation questions.

Within the School, my personal tutor has been a great source of information. All of the lecturers have also been very helpful whenever I’ve needed questions answered.

How has the School's research activity enhanced your learning?

It's interesting and useful when lecturers relate the theory we learn in the classroom to actual research they have undertaken or are currently undertaking.

How have the facilities and learning environment helped you with your studies?

The computer clusters and wifi have helped me a lot. I do most of my coursework and note-taking electronically, so it makes it really easy to do homework, look up lecture slides or print documents.

Is the programme is enhancing your employability?

I think it definitely is. The School has strong industry links and the fact that most graduates are immediately hired is evidence of that. The RICS accreditation is also a big plus when it comes to finding a job.

How would you like to remember Newcastle University?

I’ll remember all the wonderful friends I made and the fun times we had together during our university experience.

How will you remember your Programme area?

I'll remember it for the friendly staff, the quality of the teaching, the challenges my course mates and I have overcome, and, hopefully, for the good marks I received!