School of Engineering



Marine Technology with Naval Architecture

I chose Newcastle because of the prestige that my course has in the sector and in the world.

About your course

I enjoy how specialised my course is. My favourite module would be naval architecture; it teaches us about stability of ships at sea.

I believe that a world class course such as mine would have teachers that match to its standard.

Recommending Newcastle

I would say, choose a university that best serves your interest, and if Marine Technology is your interest, why not pick the best university!

Living in Newcastle

I enjoy the friendliness of the people and how integrated the University is to the city. I lived in Castle Leazes accommodation - it was easy to arrange it online.

Clubs and societies 

There are tons of societies and clubs to suit every individual’s needs. The societies helped me to get to know more people.

Student finance

Having only been here for a year, I would say record your daily expenses and find an average amount you spend a month.

Career aspirations

I intend on working for an offshore oil and gas company. Studying at Newcastle opens many doors into the oil and gas sector by being world renowned!