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Marine Technology with Marine Engineering: MEng (Hons)

Newcastle University is the leader in the Marine Technology sector. The city is a beautiful place to be and the people are really friendly.

About your course

Marine Technology at the School of Engineering can be considered as an ‘elite’, combining industry leading academics and producing some of the world’s greatest engineers in the field. This might sound off-putting but it is actually a great experience and a fun challenge.

Recommending Newcastle

Newcastle is the best city for a new student. The life here is so easy – not to mention the nightlife! Studying at Newcastle is a demanding thing, but the feeling of accomplishment at the end is wonderful.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is a city full of friendly people. When you walk down the street you rarely see a person looking down at the pavement; everybody has a smile on their face. 

I live near the Central Station, which is a ten-minute walk from the University; well, everywhere in the city centre is a ten-minute walk from Uni. To find somewhere to live is really easy especially with the rent being so low, but the accommodation offered to students is still really great.

Clubs and societies

One of the most amazing things at Newcastle University is the range of clubs and societies that you can join. I am the President of WETSOC, the society of Marine Technology. We organise trips, events and most importantly great pub crawls around the hundreds of bars in ‘the Toon’.