School of Engineering



Marine Technology with Naval Architecture: BEng (Hons)

The teaching quality on my course is very good. The lecturers are experts in their fields and have often done a lot of research themselves or worked in the industry for many years.

Choosing Newcastle

I chose to study at Newcastle for many reasons:

  • Newcastle is an excellent Russell Group University, and highly respected internationally for my course.
  • The course is accredited, providing steps on the path towards becoming Chartered.
  • The course is only three years as opposed to four, which some universities I applied to for similar courses were.
  • My course and the University offered links with schemes like DTUS (Defence Training Technical Corps) and a few other scholarships.
  • I liked the idea of my course being an engineering degree but also having architecture in the title.
  • The University is one of the best for rowing and I was interested in joining the rowing team.

Studying at Newcastle

The teaching quality on my course is very good. The lecturers are experts in their fields and have often done a lot of research themselves or worked in the industry for many years. Our lectures are recorded using the ReCap system, so you can watch them back later, which is very useful. Many of the lecturers are foreign, which really shows how international the University is. The course is well structured; coursework and exams all seem quite manageable and in a sensible time and workload order.

Studying Marine Technology

I enjoy having my thinking challenged when I haven’t thought of something, or wondered why it was done, in a certain way, and then we learn about it.

I have enjoyed Marine Engineering the most because we have learnt about engines - for example, diesel (two stroke/four stroke) and petrol. I really like being able to relate my learning to what is happening or what I experience in the real world, so I’m able to understand more about things I’m using in my daily life such as cars, buses, etc.

Recommending Marine Technology

The WetSoc society is attached to the course. I went to Amsterdam and Germany with them and looked around Meyer Werft shipyard, and was able to see directly what I am learning in class.

We have practicals, with coursework following them. They’re regular enough to give a nice break from theory in class, but not so often that you’re overloaded.

Living in Newcastle

Life in Newcastle is fantastic! It's easy to make friends with your flatmates in the halls of residence. You can often go out to the huge array of clubs in town or other activities like meals out. I live in Windsor Terrace which is so close to the campus, to the Philip Robinson and Marjorie Robinson Libraries, Exhibition Park, and to the city centre, so everything is so easy.

In your second and third years, you'll live in places like Jesmond, Heaton or Sandyford. Compared to where I’m from originally (London) rent prices are so much cheaper.

Being social

There’s a large collection of clubs, and if there isn’t one that you want to join you can always start your own! I have joined eight societies – Parachuting, Caving, Caledonian, WetSoc, 20-minute, Maths, Law, and Finance.

Lots of the societies are fairly cheap to join, with less than £10 membership fee. If you receive the Opportunity Scholarship, you can also apply for a bursary of £200 to go towards memberships of societies and their activities, so everything is affordable.

It’s a good idea to join societies as you’ll always have something to do. Even if you only go once, sometimes the activities are subsidised by the Student Union or Society, so you make your money back.

Student accommodation

Windsor Terrace is a really nice place to live and in a good location. The rooms are well sized and a great price. If anything ever goes wrong like a cupboard falls off its hinges from daily wear and tear then you can call a number and they’ll fix your issues quickly. You share a bathroom between three people so you never ever have to wait to use it.

A barbecue was held on the day we moved in. That was when our flat got to know other flats and they’re the people you end up staying friends with and going out with.

The only downfall is that there isn’t a lift but that is good exercise.

Managing my money

Hopefully you’ll have the student loan and that is enough. If you can plan your meals and buy online then you’ll be less tempted to buy something you don’t need. Don’t buy things unless you really need them, but do go for quality so things last longer.

Don’t needlessly do things like taking taxis - you can walk across town in 20 minutes. Go earlier to clubs to get cheaper/free entry.

If you need to, you can get a part time job and lots are advertised but you’ll need to be organised.

During fresher’s week, a lot of companies do promotions on campus. Make the most of it – you really do not need to buy stationery as you’ll be given hundreds of pens!

Also, see if you can get any scholarships, either from the University or random ones that you can search for online, where you have to do something like write an essay.

Future plans

I’m very open, and having a degree in engineering from a top university will give me flexibility and put me in good standing when applying for jobs.

We have had a careers fair, and there is a careers database so the University will be able to help if I need extra assistance. Kings Gate offer CV writing and checking support.