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Student Voice

The EPGS is a new standalone service. For LTDS’ ongoing work in professional development, enhancement and digital education see the LTDS website.

Student Voice

The Educational Policy and Governance Service are responsible for a number of areas of work related to Student Voice.

Student Voice is an important part of any student’s experience at the university and serves as a conduit for communications between both staff, the wider university management and the student body.

What we do and where you can find out more:

The Student Voice Schedule is updated yearly to reflect the survey year.

The EPGS work closely with academic units and faculties, and are happy to explore ways in which student voice can be embedded more fully in academic programmes and schools, how mid-module check ins can work effectively in your school, or how to increase response rates in surveys. and closing the feedback loop. Contact us at or to get in touch.

More information about all areas of student voice, including the key information and policies for staff, surveys resources and dates, are available on the Teaching and Learning @ Newcastle Student Voice webpages.