Team Objectives

Estate Customer Service

  • To work with our customers to maintain and strengthen relationships and continually improve our service
  • To value our staff, service and professionalism
  • To implement systems to enable us to measure our outputs, demonstrate value for money and facilitate continuous improvement 


  • Improve condition of the estate and attention to detail
  • Engage with school administrators and include them in our communications strategy
  • Respond to active feedback in a positive way


  • The team will contribute to the overall student experience
  • The team will pay attention to detail and get it right first time
  • We will provide excellent value for money
  • We will contribute to providing a better environment for all
  • We will continually improve all aspects of our service


  • The team will implement the Space Management Policy and ensure that space management processes are clear and concise
  • On behalf of SUMAC, the team will forward plan with Faculty and Services, undertake audit, assessment and analysis of their accommodation, and through challenge, improve space efficiency with research the key area for improvement
  • With the support of Senior Management, the team will educate academics on the importance of accurate and robust space data, produce bi-annual reports to inform the EMS return and enable finance to undertake budget calculations for the cost driver and transparency review exercise, and produce monthly data updates for data assurance purposes


  • Provide a cost effective in-house team with unrivalled knowledge of the University’s property portfolio and academic community, on hand to advise on all aspects of property law, occupation cost, ownership issues or use of the University’s land and premises by others.
  • Challenge all property costs and take opportunities to maximise value to ensure that all property transactions offer the University the best possible Value for Money.