Our campus ... your environment

oldquad imageWe are proud of our University and its location in Newcastle city centre, and we are committed  to improving the external look and feel of the campus to create a distinctive welcoming and accessible environment for students, staff, and visitors alike.

We want our campus to:

  • be clean, tidy and safe
  • support a healthy lifestyle
  • promote green travel options
  • promote sustainability and enhance biodiversity

Everyone can contribute towards these aims by taking pride in the public spaces on our campus and by:

  • honouring our campus-wide non-smoking policy
  • re-using and recycling resources and disposing of litter responsibly
  • considering alternative travel options
  • switching off appliances, including PCs and lights, when not is use and safe to do so

Our campus is your environment - and we need your participation and ideas to help us to help you make the most of it!

E-mail your suggestions to: