Room Information Boards

image of info signCommon user rooms now have room information boards (just inside the entrance doors) with emergency and safety information, a Code of Practice and furniture layout plans.

The lecturer is the 'responsible person' for the safety of the people in the room under Health and Safety law and must therefore make themselves and their students aware of the emergency and safety information at the start of each teaching block or when using unfamiliar rooms. The safety information includes the location of muster points and first aid contacts within the building.

Furniture layout plans are provided to help you reset the furniture for the next room occupants if you've changed it around for any reason.

The Code of Practice is to promote an effective and considerate use of rooms and facilities as well as encouraging all occupants to take a proactive role in looking after them. Bear in mind the support services rarely use the rooms for teaching so lecturers feedback is essential to help us to address problems and make improvements.