Smoke Free Campus

As part of the Coherent Campus Initiative, the Estate Support Service (ESS) has led a review of the University’s Smoke Free Policy. Let's be smoke free

A Working Group of representatives from across the University has recommended that the Policy should be supported by an annual Smoke Free Action Plan.

Smoke - Free Action Plan Targets

  • Improve Communication of the Policy: the Policy is being re launched using the web, email, staff team meetings and a poster campaign. University Smoke Free Signage will also be reviewed. Students will be reached through various means including induction, leaflets in Halls of Residence and through volunteers talking to smokers on campus.
  • Improve the availability of Smoking Cessation Support:  Smoking cessation support is sign posted to those wishing to stop smoking and that the University takes part in two stop smoking events annually.    
  • Enforcement of the policy: volunteers will be recruited to talk to smokers to raise awareness of the Policy’s requirements.