Reporting Faults and Problems

Use this service to report faults and problems with:

  • electrical power and lighting
  • heating
  • ventilation
  • plumbing
  • alarm systems
  • smart card access
  • smell of gas (if you are in Halls of Residence or an off-site building contact national gas emergency 0800 111 999)
  • problems with fire-fighting equipment
  • building elements (e.g. doors, windows, ceilings, floor and wall coverings and decoration)

Defect reporting

  • The self service form above uses Single Sign On so no need for an additional user name or password. If you are already logged in with your University username and password simply click on auto login. Only save the link to Planon to your Favourites once you have clicked on auto login.
  • To put in a location type the name of the building in the description box and click on the relevant code.
  • This self-service reporting system will provide you with automated emails on the status of the defect you have reported.

If you require further details please contact us on the number below or email us:

We are open between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm.

For guidance on assessing the priority of your fault when reporting a defect please see Building and Engineering Defects Service Level Standard.

The out of hours emergency service is available via the ESS Security Team on Ext 86817.